Canada’s East Coast Beaches are the Bomb

Nova ScotiaNova ScotiaMy happy place is the beach. I am in my element if by the sea. No matter how rotten of a day I’ve just had, if I make my way to the ocean I know I’ll be alright. My heart has always belonged to the east coast of Canada, and maybe that’s partly because its my home. Even after visiting 32 countries around the world and putting my toes in the sands of countless beaches, I’m still partial to Canada’s east coast beaches. I would prefer if the waters were a bit more turquoise, that palm trees lined the coast, and that the temperatures were a lot more tropical, but my heart and soul belongs to Atlantic Canada’s beaches, especially the ones in southern Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia

Nova ScotiaOver Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to travel to southern Nova Scotia–or to the end of the world as I call it. Once you reach Yarmouth, Nova Scotia there isn’t anywhere else to go–unless that is if you decide to swim to Maine, U.S.. Nova Scotia’s two main highways end in Yarmouth–the end of the road. Yet, at the end of the road Yarmouth, a small town, is surrounded by amazing one of a kind beaches. Each beach has its own features, although the weather is almost always windy along the coast, it’s still undeniable just how beautiful the beaches are.Nova Scotia

Nova ScotiaEven though I am originally from southern Nova Scotia, each time I venture back home I find a new little sanctuary I had not seen before. There is joy in being from a place which allows you to turn every corner and find a new coastal serenity, most of which are always desolate, isolated, remote, and tranquil. The majority of the time there won’t be a soul in sight. Hence why I am so used to having the beach all to myself. What a shocker it was to visit Manly Beach and Bondi Beach for the first time in Australia and seeing the massive crowds of people sprawled out on every inch of the sands. I just wasn’t used to that. And apparently I had visited during the off season. I can’t imagine being there on Christmas or New Year’s Day. It was an eye opening experience.Nova Scotia

Nova ScotiaCanada’s east beaches might be a little bit cold at times, but they are the bomb! I don’t know if its the rugged natural landscape, the quiet peaceful environment, or the ocean waves rolling in the background, I know that when I plant my feet on an east coast beach shore I am home. How can you not love these unique views? I also found out that apparently my boyfriend could be a photographer because he captured such amazing pictures of me in my element at Ocean Beach (i.e.the break water) in Little River Harbour, N.S.. Who doesn’t love the name Ocean Beach? It can’t get much more simpler than that can it? Clearly I can see my own love and passion for the beach spilling from the images onto the screen. Can you sense my joy? Nova Scotia

Where is your happy place?

23 thoughts on “Canada’s East Coast Beaches are the Bomb

  1. Looks awesome. Canada is on my list to visit. I am originally from East Yorkshire in the north of England and it shares some of the same characteristics, especially spurn point, which is a sand spit which has the river Humber on one side and the North Sea on the other. Thanks for sharing. My favourite exotic place is Kauai. My ‘home’ is definitely Yorkshire.

  2. I like the beach too — there’s something so calming about being near water. I’ve been to a number of beaches on both sides of the Atlantic (U.S., Canada and U.K.) and it’s interesting to see how each beach has its own character and charm.

    • The beach is the place to be! I agree, there is something calming about being by the sea (or in sea if I can). I agree, even the beaches I have visited in the same region have different characteristics, yet so close to another beach.
      Beach on my friend!

    • The funny thing is, being from Nova Scotia, I have never actually been! Being from the southern tip of NS, I rarely traveled toward the northern part growing up. As an adult, I have moved out of NS and whenever I go back, I am traveling south…except the one trip I finally did to Cape Breton in 2013. I really need to GO!

    • This particular beach (“Ocean Beach) in Little River Harbour, NS has a small sandy beach bay where you can swim which ironically I did not take a picture of, but I fell in love with the surrounding rugged terrain. There is something mysterious about the seaweed covered rocks, wharf, and rock wall. I love how each beach is unique to its own and doesn’t look like another.
      What’s your favorite beach?

      • hard to have a favorite beach when there are 10 thousand or so to pick from in Australia. Coogee beach is probably my favourite Sydney beach, but ‘sculptures by the sea’ which occurs around now on the foreshore between Bondi and Tamarama is a fantastic way to see beaches and art at the same time. I have some beach stories on my blog, but perhaps it’s time for a new one. Thanks for your reply.

      • Coogee beach was my first stop in Australia. I went there the first day I landed in Sydney and fell in love with it instantly. I have been to countless beaches in Australia and I love them all! I was lucky enough to also see ‘sculptures by the sea’ while staying in Perth which was a once in a lifetime experience for me. Have you read my Australia posts?
        I look forward to your beach stories.

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