Carter’s Beach, a Turquoise Wonder

Nova ScotiaYesterday’s, guess this turquoise gem is none other than…Carter’s Beach in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia, Canada! Would you have expected this turquoise gem to be located in Canada? Let alone Nova Scotia? It’s not only the Caribbean and tropical destinations that have fine white sandy beaches. Yet this white sand beach is lined by evergreens, not palm trees. The water may be colder up here in the Atlantic Ocean, but this particular beach is still pretty TURQUOISE. Nova ScotiaNova Scotia is known for its beautiful beaches ard Carter’s Beach in Queens Country is one of those hidden gems (it’s literally pretty hard to locate, even for a local). All along Highway 103 from Halifax to Yarmouth, you’ll find beach after beach, with each being unlike the other. Around the corner from Carter’s Beach is White Point Beach Resort which is undoubtedly another one of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful beaches, but has an entirely different look than Carter’s Beach and their just minutes apart. I’ll save White Point Beach for another day. How extreme and extraordinary!Nova ScotiaGoogle search Carter’s Beach, NS, and you’ll see that it gets even more turquoise than it is in the pictures I took. The summer months are when the beach is at its best. I was shocked when I stopped by and saw that its turquoise waters were still glistening into October.

6 thoughts on “Carter’s Beach, a Turquoise Wonder

  1. I was going to guess up in that area but I was also thinking it could have been on the Pacific coast as well. Confusion! Well…I knew it was somewhere up in Canada because it has that distinct look with the Evergreens and the rocky coastline.

    Beautiful beach though!

    • I bet the turquoise water could have thrown a couple people off. Especially when they think about Canada, people don’t think about turquoise water. Yes, the Evergreens in the background was a definite hint.
      Isn’t it a fabulouss beach for Canada? I hear it gets even more turquoise in the summer!

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