The Mexico Diaries

MexicoOne of my favorite countries is Mexico! As much as I love visiting new places and new countries, there is something special about Mexico that keeps luring me back. I’ve been to Mexico on three different occasions, with each trip lasting 1-8 weeks in length. Each adventure took me to a new region in the country and allowed me to explore more within one of the most beautiful countries I know. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been to Mexico and I am already feeling the pull back to the country. I’m surprised I didn’t land there a fourth time during my 14 months of full time travel. It won’t be long before I go back. It’s a must. It’s already in the works. Just waiting for the perfect moment. Mexico

Have you ever been somewhere and left a part of yourself behind?  Mexico is that place for me. My heart belongs to Mexico. Mexico is the place where I first backpacked and traveled alone, learned to be myself, and allowed myself to start fulfilling my dreams. It’s Mexico that has molded me into the person I am today. The Mexico Diaries blog series on Turquoise Compass will be an opportunity for me to share my passion for Mexico, to make you fall in love with Mexico, and to retell my past travel adventures in Mexico, while connecting my past experiences to the present. If it were not for that inevitable first trip to Mexico in 2008, I would not be the person I have become. For that I am thankful.


15 thoughts on “The Mexico Diaries

  1. It is amazing that you really must have been all over the world! Wonderful! Wouldn’t that be a kind of new profession for you? Being a all-over-the-world travel guide? You know so much and you can enthuse people!

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