10 Reasons to Make Christmas at the Coliseum Part of your Routine

Christmas at the Coliseum

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Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum is an annual holiday arts-crafts-food-and-antiques show presented by Show Associates Inc. at the Moncton, New Brunswick Coliseum Complex. This holiday event is one of the largest annual events east of Montreal.  

Christmas at the Coliseum

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10 Reasons to make Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum part of your holiday routine:

Christmas at the Coliseum1. It kicks off the Christmas season- With Christmas music playing in the background, yummy goodies to sample, Saint Nicholas in sight, thousands of cheerful visitors bustling about, and over 400 hundred booths to explore,  you’ll want to spend the entire weekend at Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum event. Each year, I look forward to kicking off the Christmas season by attending Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum.Christmas at the Coliseum

2. Any Grinch is turned into a lover of Christmas- This yuletide festival of crafts, specialty foods, art, and handmade gifts will turn any ‘Grinch’ into a lover of the Christmas season. How can you resist? It’s too magical to not give in and join the festivities. Each year, the show gets bigger and better, and there is no other place I’d want to be. The minute you walk into the show the spirit of Christmas takes over.

Christmas at the Coliseum

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3. It brings Christmas to the Maritimes- Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year.  Without a doubt, this event brings Christmas to Atlantic Canada, along with the crowds (over 30,000 in fact). People travel from all over Atlantic Canada (and even further) to attend this event.Christmas at the Coliseum

4. It puts you into the spirit of giving- With all of the one of a kind handmade and authentic gifts and products, I am immediately thinking about the things my loved ones would enjoy.

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Adorable Chocolat

5. You can get all of your Christmas shopping done- On opening day, hundreds of people show up early eager to start their Christmas shopping and to see the beautiful colourful décor. Exhibitors come from across Canada to share their passion with eager buyers. With knock out prices and out of this world products, it’s easy to fill up your shopping bags with goodies for your loved ones and friends. If you want the cream of the crop, be sure to be at the Christmas event on opening day as many vendors sell out of some of their most popular products on the first day.

Christmas at the Coliseum

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6. It has something for everyone- Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum offers everything and anything for any shopper. Even for those who despise shopping. Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum offer a food court and food vendors conveniently located at the ends of the isles for those ladies and gentleman needing a quiet retreat from the crowds.

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Down East Candy Company- Turtle Doves (Yum!)

7. It’s one gigantic market to explore- Exploring through the rows and rows of vendors in the coliseum was my favorite part. I’ve always loved markets and Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum reminds me of one gigantic indoor market! It can’t get any better than that! I was lost amongst the booths for hours. From sampling sweets, buying handmade jewelry, donating to charities, to talking to vendors about how they make their products, they’ve got it all.

Christmas at the Coliseum

@J.R.’s Treats- Fudge & Kettle Corn

8. There’s a perfect day and time for everyone to attend- This weekend event allows you to attend when it’s best for you. For those who like a more relaxed browsing experience, attending on Sunday or during the late evenings when there are fewer crowds would be the perfect time for you. I’ve been able to see both the busier times and the quieter times, each time with its own unique “style” and “feel”.

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Revamped Living- bringing outdated furniture back to life

Christmas at the Coliseum9. It’s an opportunity to support local and Canadian artisans– There is nothing better than being able to support Canadian artisans then by buying at Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum. After speaking to many of the Vendors, many exhibitors sell only once a year at this popular event. It takes a lot of preparation for the thousands of visitors. It’s one of those things you have to see for yourself.

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Cupcakes n’ Mor – Nancy Morrison can be reached at nfmor@hotmail.com

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Jessica Doyle- Artist

10. Santa’s there! You cannot forget the fact that you’ll see Saint Nicholas himself right there in the flesh. How can you resist?

Turner's Christmas at the Coliseum

St. Nicholas Ready to Meet the Children

Now that the event has just passed, is it sad that I’m already looking forward to the 2015 Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum? However, the Christmas season is officially here.

Christmas at the Coliseum

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*Media Coverage for Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum

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