It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Turquoise Christmas

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Revamped Living- Bringing furniture back to life

Christmas at the ColiseumAfter spending this past weekend at Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum, I have come to realize that it’s beginning to look a lot like a turquoise Christmas (can you hear me singing?). I’m thinking that this is how Christmas should look–purely turquoise and festive. I had fun exploring the rows and rows of vendors in the coliseum, while trying to spot turquoise treasures. It wasn’t difficult to find turquoise all around, because it seems that every booth had at least one item in the colour of turquoise, if not an array of totally turquoise gifts.

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Traditional Marine

Christmas at the Coliseum

Most booths displayed many unique turquoise items. A few particularly turquoise booths come to mind:

  • Jessica Doyle– Artist

    Christmas at the Coliseum

    @Jessica Doyle-Artist

  • Hugabug Kids– Huggably cute stuff for kids

    Christmas at the Coliseum

    @Hugabug Kids

  • Revamped Living– Bringing outdated furniture back to life

    Christmas at the Coliseum

    @Revamped Living-Bringing outdated furniture back to life

  • By Maureen– Handmade decorations

    Christmas at the Coliseum

    @By Maureen

  • Shy Giraffe– Modern Artisan Jewellery
    Christmas at the Coliseum
  • L’oiseau Vert– One of a kind handmade products

    Christmas at the Coliseum

    @L’oiseau Vert

  • Branches Pottery– Pottery

    Christmas at the Coliseum

    @Branches Pottery

And last but not least, Traditional Marine with the most turquoise of all…

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Traditional Marine

I love that the “in” colour this Christmas is turquoise. It seems that this holiday season everywhere I look I see turquoise. Is this because I am prone to seeing turquoise? Have you spotted any turquoise this Christmas season?Christmas at the Coliseum

It looks like it is going to be a turquoise Christmas.

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Soap Shack / @Maple Briggs

24 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Turquoise Christmas

    • I haven’t started decorating this year. I’m still unsure if I will this year. Last year I did not decorate because I was in Puerto Rico right up until Christmas and then I went to my mother’s in Nova Scotia. This year I will be spending Christmas in Montreal with my boyfriend’s family. I love decorating, but I won’t actually be spending much time at my house this year. I’ll probably do it though!

      • I also love decorating, but meanwhile I also think about putting it back after Christmas. Therefore I have a limited decoration inside the house instead of looking for places where I could put everyhting I’ve ever had.

      • I think more about the hours I have to spend putting it back ;-). That’s why I try to avoid decorating too much. It is funny: first I love to surround myself with everythinkg but after 6 weeks of having all this stuff around I am always glad to get rid of it again in order to breath… I only really miss the lights!

      • In the past, I used to love decorating with a ton of things, but it seems I have become a simpler person over the years and using less and less as you say to decorate. The more I travel the simpler I become. The more I go from my house to other places and back again, the more I want to down size. The simple touches are what counts. I know I can get the full blown decorations at my mom’s house and my boyfriend’s mom’s house! 😀

      • You are right! I never thought about that, but since I explore more of the world or actually cherish the beauty that I see in our planet more I also decorate less. Funny! I come back to the basics and keep it simpler as well but more thoughtful!

  1. My tree is up and quite filled with turquoise. Next it the outdoor urn and wreath. More blue, green and turquoise. All the colours of the sea, right?

      • Ah, if only mine looked like that too…and with NO SNOW to boot! That would be paradise for me my friend. How is the school year going by the way? I have been crazy busy getting back into teaching after having 20 months off.

      • School is not going. I am on sick leave for an undetermined time. I have an issue with my feet and legs that I have not been able to get a diagnosis on. This is a time for me to pursue my medical issues and rest up.
        Looking forward to a low key trip to Florida. I would like to get back to blogging. I’ve been so busy trying to catch up at work this semester that writing has really taken a back seat.

      • Well, it is good to hear that you are taking care of your health (physical, mental, and emotional health). Too many people don’t take the time to take care of themselves, which leads to worse circumstances. Please take care of yourself and enjoy some relaxing time in Florida by the beach, which you listen to the rolling waves in the background.

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