From Yang to Yin at BodyWise Yoga Studio

Now that I’ve been practicing yoga at BodyWise Yoga Studio in Moncton, New Brunswick for the last couple months, I’ve had the opportunity to try out the variety of classes offered at the studio. The other day, I shared on my Twitter account: Twitter

which has got me reflecting on my personal journey thus far at Bodywise Yoga Studio. The more I think about this comment, the more I realize that the variety of styles offered at Bodywise Yoga Studio has improved my yoga performance. I’ve always dabbled in yoga, but never practiced regularly. Now that I’ve been practicing regularly (by regular, I mean a minimum of 3-4 times per week), I’m noticing huge improvements, especially due to each unique class challenging me further. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve started trying to do yoga at least 5 times per week and I’ve never felt better. Of all the classes offered at the studio, I’m starting to see what kind of style(s) I like best. While each class offers me something different, I’m starting to see my own personal preferences. As I learn more about yoga, the poses, and practicing yoga, I realize that although I might have personal preferences, each class provides me with useful tools and skills. The studio currently offers, but is not limited to:


  • Hatha
  • Gentle yoga
  • Vinyasa flow
  • Ashtanga Primary Series
  • Yin yoga
  •  Strong and slow flow
  • Express yoga
  • Kripalu
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Kundilini

Nova Scotia

When I think about the plethora of yoga classes offered, I can’t help but think about the Yang to Yin class This particular class quickly comes to my mind because it is the perfect class for the advanced yogi and for those new to the yoga world (or even for those never having done yoga a day in their life).

Body Wise Yoga Studio

Nova ScotiaJacynte who teaches Yang to Yin allows you the opportunity to first experience a Vinyasa Flow in the beginning of the class–where you move fluidly from one posture to the next in conjunction with synchronised breath, while also allowing you at the end of class–to go deeply into a meditative practice holding postures for an extended period of time (postures are held from three to five minutes at a time). A combination of Vinyasa and Yin allows the body to cleanse, purify organs & muscles, strengthen the body, improve inner clam & focus, help circulation, increase cardiovascular efficiency, while also building bone density, bringing fluid back to joints and ligaments, helping to relieve arthritic pain, and it’s great for balancing emotion. Who wouldn’t want all of these benefits? All in one class? Body Wise Yoga Studio

When I left the Yang to Yin class for the first time I felt strong, flexible, refreshed, and balanced. I highly recommend trying this class if you have the opportunity, I know your body will thank you. Bodywise Yoga Studio is teaching me the nurturing knowledge I need to heal, and keep myself healthy, happy, and balanced. Each teacher brings their own experience to the class, and with 7 styles of yoga to choose from you’ll never get bored at this one of a kind yoga studio. Body Wise Yoga Studio

Try your first Bodywise Yoga class today for only $5.65; Bodywise Yoga Studio is on Facebook, and recently joined Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let’s support this young small local business!

Media coverage for Bodywise Yoga Studio

17 thoughts on “From Yang to Yin at BodyWise Yoga Studio

  1. I’ve done yoga on and off during my life. It has such great benefits, and yet sometimes I let it slide. Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot of aches, pains, and general creakiness. I thought maybe I was starting to get arthritis. Yesterday, though, after a half hour or so of yoga poses, I already felt much better. It’s amazing!


    • That’s where I was in August, an on-and-off-again yogi. I decided in October to make the full switch to a full time yoga girl and now I am not turning back.
      Like you said, there are too many benefits to not do yoga (I know that’s a double negative, but it works). I’m sure if you get back into the yoga routine, your body will thank you. Do you have a studio nearby that you like? Where do you practice? How many times a week do you like to practice? It truly can change your physical, emotional, and mental state in a matter of minutes (or one session). Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.
      Yay to yoga!


      • A few years ago, I took lessons at a local studio. I learned enough so that I know how to do it. Now, I stick with videos or yoga books when I do it.

        You have inspired me to do yoga at least four times a week for the month of December. I’ll let you know how it goes!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yay, I am so excited.
        I just finished a Movember fitness challenge at my work, where I committed to working out 3x per week, giving up 1 food/drink item per week, and doing 1 5k run/walk, and yoga at my work! It’s been perfect! I was already doing most of it anyways. I love challenges.
        Let me know how your December yoga challenge goes.


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