Beautiful and Totally Turquoise Turkey

Guest Post by Erika Kind

The Kursunlu falls at Antalya

The Kursunlu falls at Antalya

Hello, I am Erika Kind. Yes, that’s my real name and love it since the meaning of my last name in English supports living what I call ‘my purpose’. My dear friend Jessica from Turquoise Compass asked me to write a guest-post. Since I love her travel posts and the inspiring and refreshing way she shares about all of the beautiful places she’s been in order to show the beauty and uniqueness of all of them, I feel so honored to be asked.

My blog is about self-discovery, self-connection, and self-development and therefore transformation. We can only become who we want to be, when we know who we actually are. I wrote 4 books as of today (the first one was a book of poems with German and English poems, but is not available anymore). Take a look at my blog in order to see what it is all about. You can also find travel posts, since I love and cherish this planet!

I am not a professional travel blogger like Jessica, but I love to travel to new places, but also to places I fell in love with and go again and again, like my beautiful California. Today, I share some impressions of my Turkey experiences with you.

I have been to Turkey 3 times and it was always a pleasure to be there. I definitely will go there again. I love the friendly people, of course the climate at the south coast, and also the beautiful landscape and historic places.

When we went to Turkey for the first time it opened our eyes. The cities are very modern and the people are very progressive in their political attitude. They are in many ways an example of equal rights of men and women. Women’s suffrage was imposed in 1934. For example in Switzerland it happened in 1971 and in Liechtenstein even only in 1984″

But now, to my highlights of our Turkey experience:

Manavgat Falls-

Trip on the Manavgat River to the point where the river meets the ocean. Here we had the possibility to swim in both the river and the sea. Although the river was very, very cold. But it was fun to feel this immense difference compared to the ocean.

Beautiful: the Green Canyon-

Visiting historic Myra – Home of St. Nicholas. He is the original Santa Claus.

The Sarcophagus of Saint-

My favorite: The Kursunlu falls at Antalya

The huge Aspendos Arena- a room for 5000 people. The impressive show “Fire of Anatolya” was taking place there for many years, but they had to move to a new location due to damages on the historic building.

Alanya with its fortress-

Cave of Lovers-

The fortress and view down to Alanya-

This is the Külliye Moschee in Manavgat. It is one of the biggest in Turkey with three stories inside.

Trip to beautiful Side. Side is a cute little town with a beautiful shopping mile. I was looking forward to that trip. But shortly after we arrived, I had problems with my circulation and was more lying on benches, while the others in the group were following the travel guide. I would love to go there one more time.

The historic part with Apollon temple at the coast.

There is a lot more to show about the Turkish Riviera. I hope you enjoyed the photos! One more thank you to Turquoise Compass.

Our trips to Turkey definitely opened my eyes to a culture that was totally misjudged by all of us. That’s more proof to look behind the curtain of the things you don’t really know and to also stay open in order to learn and expand.

In Love and Light!

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    • Thank you so much. This particular post is a Guest Post by Erika Kind. She did a great job showcasing her travels in Turkey. If you explore a little more throughout my blog, you’ll probably see I love taking photos of breath taking places, especially in turquoise destinations.

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