Photo of the Week- Wishing for Warmer Weather

The cold weather is making me reminisce about a past winter trip that I took to the Bahamas from New York on the Norwegian Gem. What a turquoise dream that was to get away from the winter weather during the winter months.


turquoise compass watermark

16 thoughts on “Photo of the Week- Wishing for Warmer Weather

    • A cruise is fun because you get to see so many destinations in one week. Why not go on a cruise from NY (during the winter) and head to the Caribbean! You would have the potential to see snow and sun! Or go from Vancouver, CA to Alaska. You would get your fair share of snow and cold. I want the opposite…sun and sand, since I am from Canada.

      • Yup yup! But the main thing here is getting to the US (or Canada) first. Coming from the Philippines, it’s relatively difficult to get a visa. Then we have to save a lot of money considering that our peso is weaker than the USD or CND. But yes, a cruise is in our bucket list. 🙂

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