Merry Christmas from Montreal

This year I’m spending Christmas in Montreal, Quebec with my boyfriend and his family. I love everything about Montreal. The food, culture, and atmosphere are glorious, especially during this time of the year–Christmas time. This is my first Christmas in Montreal and I am enjoying every last minute of it. Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal

Where are you spending Christmas this year? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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21 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Montreal

  1. Enjoy your time. Merry Vristmas from our Christmas trip. We are on the way to a wellness hotel in Tirol (Austrian alps). It is even supposed to snow today and tomorrow. That way we are gonna have white Christmas 😉

      • Yes, we did get white Christmas on the 26th. We expected snow over here too. But when we came back today there was nothing left. In the evening it started snowing again and now we have our winter wonderland over here too. I just posted a few pictures. Have a lovely day and enjoy the rest of the year!

  2. Merry Christmas! Montreal is my hometown so I know how wintry it can been. Not so bad this year, from what your pictures show. Have a great holiday, perhaps make your way up to Mont-Royal and Beaver Lake for some winter activities there.

    • Merry Christmas. Montreal is the perfect place to spend the holidays! Do you go back often? Now much snow here this year! It all melted after I arrived! YES…I went up to Mont Royal—I will post about it soon. 🙂

  3. Hello (Bon Jour) Jessica, I’ve waited to share with you that my Mother was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. I have been to the City and love it. After my Mother’s formal Education she came to the States via New York City, traveled eventually to Miami, Florida and met my Father. The rest as they say is History! Have a very Merry Christmas we are all home in Florida! Cheryl

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