This Christmas Season I am Thankful for…

Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Last year before Christmas, I tried to keep it a secret from Santa that I abandoned the cold Canadian winter weather for warmer climates south of the border. Yes, that’s right, I ran to Puerto Rico as quickly as possible. I didn’t stay there the entire Christmas season (even though I wanted to), I returned home just in time (December 24th in fact) for Santa to find me back where I belong–on Canadian soil. This year, as much as I am longing for warmer weather, I am happy to say that I am celebrating the Christmas season right where I belong–in Canada.

It’s not just tropical beaches and hot sunny destinations that warm my heart (although, that’s a pretty good start). There is nothing better than spending the holidays with the people you love. The special people in my life are the ones who warm my soul and make me love life. I wouldn’t have gotten through my year of full time travel around the world without them. They put up with my crazy shenanigans and were always there for me when I needed them. So for that I’m thankful.


Montreal, Quebec

This Christmas season I am thankful for:

  • Family and friends
  • My health & safety
  • My year of travels
  • New opportunities
  • Newfound passions
  • Blogging community
  • Supportive and encouraging followers

What are you thankful for?

Live, Dream, Travel

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17 thoughts on “This Christmas Season I am Thankful for…

      • The only snow I saw was a little but on the side of the road when I was driving through the Midlands on my way back from my parents’ yesterday. There was also a lot falling from the top of cars and trucks on the motorway, so it looks like there was a lot of snow in some places in England and Wales. It took me six hours to drive what is usually a four hour journey!

      • Oh my goodness. That’s what happens when there is snow in places where it doesn’t usually fall (or where people are not used to it). It’s like that in NY when it snows a lot. It’s like the whole city is in chaos and shuts down because people don’t know what to do. That’s just a normal day for me in eastern Canada. Our first snow fall brought 55cm in 24 hours!

  1. The islands in P.R. are great! Culebra is another one that is a great place to visit!
    But after travels, home is always great. Especially being in your own bed.

    Well, here is to more travels in 2015 and to a Merry Christmas!

    • I agree. P.R. islands are incredible. Vieques is beyond this world! I didn’t make it to Culebra, but it is a must for sure. There is nothing like home. You are right—your own bed!
      Happy Travels

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