The New Year Brings a New Yoga You


Mexico, 2008

With a new year coming up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your 2015 bucket list goals and dreams. Instead of using the words New Year’s resolutions, I like to use the words goals and dreams instead–it’s more realistic and long lasting. Resolutions often only last a mere couple weeks, yet goals and dreams are things we strive for, accomplish, and are attainable. Every year, I make a check list of things within my reach that I’d to do or places I’d like to see. Have you started thinking about your 2015 list? Is it your goal to live life to the fullest? Do you want to travel to a new destination? Maybe your goal is something intangible like making a difference in the world. Whatever your goals and dreams may be, know that a new year brings a new beginning. The New Year represents change, opportunities, and a journey to come. I still can’t believe how many items I was able to accomplish on my 2014 bucket list. I’m already thinking about what I’ll be adding to my 2015 bucket list and I can’t wait to get started on my journey. I know for sure that I’ll be including a yoga fitness goal that I’ll be accomplishing at Bodywise Yoga Studio.


Mexico, 2010

Not only will I be accomplishing my Yoga Teacher Training and the Yoga for Schools program in the New Year, I’ll be continuing my yoga journey at Bodywise Yoga Studio. I’ve finally found the workout that I love and am passionate about! Bodywise Yoga Studio is the perfect place for me to accomplish my fitness goals. Yoga makes me strong and allows me the opportunity to stretch myself and grow with each class (physically, emotionally, and mentally). I’m looking forward to seeing where this passion will take me. Yoga is also the perfect workout for me to take on the road when I am traveling. And, yes, as you’re probably wondering, I’m definitely planning some trips for the 2015 year too. I’ll save that for another time.Nova Scotia

Bodywise Yoga Studio in Moncton, New Brunswick is making it easy for anyone to accomplish their yoga and pilates fitness goals in the 2015 year. Check out their full schedule here. Have you thought about trying yoga, but never got around to actually doing it? Maybe 2015 is the year for you! Maybe you used to practice yoga, but would like to start up again. Maybe the start up will be the 2015 year! The 2015 year holds infinite possibilities for us, but it’s up to us to make our dreams come true. You are never too young to dream a new dream as C.S. Lewis has said. So what’s in your 2015 year? Will it include yoga? Yoga is all about being happy, healthy, balanced, and living in the present moment. I think that might just be my New Year’s motto.

Check out what’s happening at Bodywise Yoga Studio in the 2015 year:
Yoga YogaYoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga

Will you be joining me in my 2015 yoga journey? I hope to see you there.

Try your first Bodywise Yoga class today for only $5.65; Bodywise Yoga Studio is on Facebook, and recently joined Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let’s support this vibrant  local business!

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13 thoughts on “The New Year Brings a New Yoga You

  1. Your post is timely ~ I’ll be signing up today for two months of unlimited yoga classes. I’ve gone a few times before and always feel great after a session. Hoping to make it a habit in 2015! Good luck with your teaching…

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  2. Seeing you on these photos makes me shake. When I look outside it is heavily snowing and everything is frozen. I congratulate to your past year and to all your realized dreams. I am looking forward to reading about all your new achievements next year. Happy New Year!


  3. I’ve just booked my trip to Alaska this morning – number 1 on my bucket list for 2015! I can’t wait to hear about your yoga teacher training as that’s something I’m interested in doing too.


    • Perfect! How exciting. Where in Alaska are you heading? How long will you be gone? I’ve been in 2009 and Alaska is a stunningly turquoise destination to visit. Will you be doing any rock climbing or glacier ventures?
      I am excited to post more about my yoga journey in the New Year.


      • I’ll be in Anchorage from June 18th and then I’m touring around Alaska for two weeks, and there will be lots of glaciers involved although not sure about the climbing yet. At the moment I’m trying to book an extra two weeks off work so I can go out to North America for four whole weeks. I’m hoping to start in San Francisco, travel up to Seattle and then get the ferry from Bellingham to Alaska. Fingers crossed I can do it 🙂

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