My First GoPro Fail

After having a GoPro for a year and a half, I have officially had my first GoPro fail! After turning on all the lights in the room, setting up the GoPro on my XShot perfectly, and snapping hundreds of fun and festive holiday shots, I thought we’d end up with the perfect Christmas pictures. Later after reviewing the pictures we had taken, I realized that our photo shoot was a bomb. Unsuccessful. All of my Christmas Day family photos came out blurry. Although their imperfect, they’re still hilarious and special memories captured with my fiancés family. They’re still keepers.


Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas ChristmasChristmasChristmas



23 thoughts on “My First GoPro Fail

  1. Just came across your blog – I love it! Especially your GoPro fail – this seems to happen to me more often than not. Good luck with your next GoPro sesh 🙂


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    • One seems to become attached very quickly to a GoPro, so I can relate to your husband’s obsession. It’s a fun camera to have to catch the authentic and unscripted moments in life, which I bet you can relate to considering your husband uses it while roller-skating with your son.

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