Photo of the Week-Teguce, Honduras

Would you consider volunteering abroad? Volunteering while traveling is an incredibly humbling and eye opening experience. Volunteering in Honduras allowed me to completely immerse myself in the culture, get to know the local people, and to give back.

HondurasThis was the view from one of the communities where we were building pilas- above ground wells.

17 thoughts on “Photo of the Week-Teguce, Honduras

  1. By Teguce do you mean Tegucigalpa? How interesting- I actually volunteered on the Cayos Cochinos islands a couple of years ago. I didn’t go to Tegucigalpa, but I did visit La Ceiba, Copan (and a nearby town whose name escapes me) and, of course, I passed through San Pedro Sula.

      • I was volunteering with an organization called Operation Wallacea, doing diving research for my undergrad thesis. It was great! I’d love to go back to Central America.

      • Wow, sounds like an amazing opportunity–especially one connected to an undergrad degree. I think real world experience is the most important aspect to learning. I actually went with my Teaching Education degree class as a grad class trip; we decided to do a volunteer project!

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