Turquoise Thursday: Dominican Republic

Have you ever thought about leaving on a jet plane to a hot tropical destination during the dead of winter? That’s exactly how I am feeling right about now. I’ve been snowed in three times in the past week and I am over winter! When will spring come? Have you ever thought about backpacking through an authentically beautiful turquoise destination? Well, the Dominican Republic might be the perfect place for you! Why not stray away from the typical all inclusive resort and go off the beaten path? Here are just a few of my favorite turquoise travel pictures from my adventures backpacking around the island in 2007.
Dominican RepublicDominican Republic Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

Do these pictures have you booking your flight?

31 thoughts on “Turquoise Thursday: Dominican Republic

  1. When we planned for our honeymoon we first considered to go to the Domenican Republic. But because it was storm season then we decided to go to Mauritius. But maybe one day!

  2. Gorgeous!! My sister visited the Dominican Republic and found it incredibly relaxing and lovely 🙂 And yes, I’m sure the temperatures are always perfect!

  3. What a beautiful experience! One of the many tropical places I’d love to visit.
    And I completely understand you. I’ve had it with all this snow and freezing temperatures. I want my tan back! 😦

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