Expecting the Unexpected: Yoga Teacher Training



Advice from an Expert:
Bodywise Yoga StudioWith the lead up to my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) starting this weekend, I couldn’t help but talk to an expert, Beth Dobson, from Bodywise Yoga Studio to get some advice. As a formal yoga instructor of 8 years (Beth’s been teaching for 10 years!) and having gone through the exact same YTT program I’m about to begin from Breathing Space Yoga Studio, I knew Beth would be the perfect person to talk to. I’ve been assured that my emotions, which are running wild, are completely normal. I’m anxious, nervous, and excited to begin my Yoga Teacher Training journey.

Beth began by telling me that the YTT program is the best training I can have. When Beth started the course she noticed that there was a lot of crying, everyone was crying, including herself. She was quick to reply with the fact that she is not one to blubber, but there is something interesting about the program that allows you to learn more about yourself. To learn what’s blocking you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s then when the emotions truly come out. That part of the process shocked her. Although the program is physically challenging, it’s not about that. It’s more than that. It doesn’t matter how many times you need to take a breath/break; it’s all a personal journey. It’s about letting go of the result, but to stay in the process of living in the moment and not thinking about the next moment.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

The program is designed to teach you how to teach others from the point of where you are. It’s about growing, advancing, and practicing through the teaching process. It’s a practice for your life. Each of us has our own awareness. The program teaches you to be accepting, understanding, and to know that this is the best place to learn from. Beth suggested I look up the artist Nahko Bear (of Medicine for the people) – Black as the Night, because it’s the perfect yoga mantra for the YTT program. I couldn’t agree more, I like what he says:

I am no master, I know nothin’ but I am a servant and I know somethin’ yeah

In a nutshell, her advice:

1. Expect the unexpected
2. There will always be someone more advanced
3. It’s okay not to be perfect
5. It’s okay not to get it
6. Be open to what comes

Beth confirmed that there is only one certainty: I can be certain that there will be uncertainties– the unexpected will happen. I’m going to both dread and be excited about each and every training weekend…Thanks for the advice Beth! I look forward to my new and exciting challenge!

What’s Happening at Bodywise Yoga Studio-

Yoga Nidra: Find Stillness and Steadiness through relaxation

Sunday March 22nd 6:00-8:00pm

Join Becky MacCallum, RHN CYT in a Guided practice of relaxation: Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is known as an art of relaxation. Imagine feeling the benefits of 4 hours sleep in just one class! Becky will guide you through a gentle yoga series then move into a practice similar to Svasana that will promote full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. Let self images, distortions of perceptions and emotional barriers melt away as this practice will make it easy to surrender to stillness and allow a deep sense of calm to wash over you. 

Yoga Nidra is beneficial to those who experience stress, anxiety, or insomnia. 

This practice helps to boost immunity and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

At the end don’t rush off, there will be tea and snacks.

Cost $35 
Pre registration is required where space is limited. 
To sign up please contact:

Bodywise Yoga Studio 

Becky MacCallum


Infant Massage Workshop: Taught by Sasha Rooney, RMT and Doula  

Feb 22nd 2pm-3:30pm

Teaching parents massage techniques for baby, to help with many issues including digestion, colic, constipation, relaxation, sleep patterns, and bonding. This will be taught in a group setting with a maximum of 5 families so make sure to register early.

Cost $60 
Pre-Registration is required 50% deposit is required by Jan 22nd.

To do so please contact us at 388-1881 or via email at info@bodywiseyoga.com


Morning Sessions with Sarah Smith: Encourage new, healthy habits

Join Sarah Smith for a week of Morning Sessions designed to build a practice of Vinyasa yoga. In each session, students will learn pranayama for relaxation and concentration, asana for strength and flexibility & chanting or mantra for peace in heart & mind.

Work-books, cleansing lemon water & hot herbal tea as well as attentive instruction will be offered to each student. Each week will build upon the last, leaving you with an abundance of tools to care for your physical and mental health throughout the Winter.

**6:45am – 7:45am Monday – Friday**
 March 23rd – 27th The Primary Series

Early morning yoga has many benefits:

~Stimulating metabolism, digestion, waste elimination & circulation.
~Energizing mind & body for the day
~Balancing emotions to reduce the impact of stress throughout the day
~Warming muscles & lubricating joints to ease movement throughout the day

 One Week – 5 classes for $60
 **Shower available at the studio.


Try your first Bodywise Yoga class today for only $5.65; Bodywise Yoga Studio is on Facebook, and recently joined Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let’s support this young small local business!

Media coverage for Bodywise Yoga Studio

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