Taste Testing in Portland Maine


PortlandFor spring break this year my fiancé and I took a spontaneous trip to Portland Maine for a getaway. Since Portland Maine is within driving distance from New Brunswick we felt it was the perfect place for a little vacation. As much as we wanted to go somewhere tropical (and far far away) it just wasn’t financially smart with our upcoming wedding this year. We hoped to find a last minute vacation to the Caribbean within our budget, but we didn’t find anything. Although we didn’t make it to the Caribbean we still went south–to south Portland.Portland
PortlandWe happened to land in Portland during Maine’s annual Restaurant Week. Lucky for us, Restaurant Week would be the perfect time to visit Maine because we love good food. How perfect for us! With no set plan when we arrived in Maine, we tailored our vacation around the Restaurant Week specials and events. Throughout our time in Portland, we were able to visit numerous restaurants that were participating in Restaurant Week and sample some of the best of the best. We also had fun visiting a few of many breweries, while also tasting at facilities that make local honey mead, cider, kombucha, and wine. We also had fun browsing the Whole Foods Market which we do not have in eastern Canada. Oh the joy of enjoying things you don’t have at home while away.Portland

Let me take you through our tasting and sipping tour in Portland-

Bintliff’s American Café

Salvage BBQ

Rising Tide Brewery

Mead Market

Urban Farm FermentoryPortland

Our getaway ‘staycation’ (I call it staycation because we didn’t go abroad) was fun and carefree. With no cares in the world, Corey and I had the chance to spend some quality time together and reconnect after not seeing each other for a month. Our trip to Maine gave us the chance to take a break from wedding planning and to focus on each other. Our time was spent nibbling and sipping our way through Portland, while doing a little shopping along the way. Our down to earth simplistic tour of Portland is near and dear to my heart because it’s the first trip Corey and I took together as an engaged couple. I’m looking forward to our next adventure!


8 thoughts on “Taste Testing in Portland Maine

  1. Mmm! Sampling delicious food and craft drinks is such a nice way for couples to really get in the moment and enjoy each other’s company 🙂

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