Beloved Engagement Photos with Alyssa Martin Photography

Turquoise Compass EngagementTurquoise Compass EngagementMy fiancé and I were blessed to have Alyssa Martin Photography do our engagement photos this past April. After being engaged for a mere few months, we decided that we wanted to do a mini engagement photo session to get a few images prior to our upcoming wedding which would be 4 months later. With so many excellent photographers in my area, I knew it would be difficult to pick one (let alone the right one for us). After viewing Alyssa Martin’s website and finding out how much she loves doing engagement sessions, I knew that she would be right for the job. When I met Alyssa for the first time it was as if I had been reunited with a long lost childhood friend. We hugged upon meeting and chatted over tea as if we had been friends for a lifetime. We also came to realize that we had so much in common and mutual friends. What a small world! She’d be perfect! Her excitement to shoot our love story made me confident that we had picked the perfect photographer for us. We really only wanted and needed a few good ones. Initially, our hopes were to get a handful of good edited photos that we could frame in our home. Alyssa Martin gave us far more than we bargained for…Turquoise Compass Engagement

Turquoise Compass EngagementAlyssa interviewed me extensively to get an idea of what we would like for an engagement session. Although we only really wanted a few images we decided to do a full photo session and see how many good images we would end up with. Alyssa recommended a Beloved Photo Session which is a celebration of love (our love). Beloved is a movement started by Josh deRox in Vancouver, Canada, but Alyssa is the only photographer in Eastern Canada doing this form of photography. It’s a one of a kind art form! A beloved session is about two people having a fun time together being themselves…a beloved photo shoot represents the REAL moments a couple shares together. This is totally our style of photography. Candid, fun, and authentic. The moments that are captured in a beloved session are ones that are pure and true of the heart. Thankfully for us, a beloved session is not posed or a time for a photographer to say cheese and smile. The beloved session couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. We had only been engaged for 4 months so the beloved time together was an opportunity to forget about wedding planning and just celebrate our engagement. Needless to say, our celebration was caught on camera.Turquoise Compass Engagement
Turquoise Compass Engagement

Turquoise Compass EngagementWith Alyssa’s direction, she created the perfect beloved session for us to enjoy. She planned an opportunity for us to express our love in a dramatic way and just enjoy being together. What was great was we didn’t have to do any of the planning. Alyssa planned the location, brought the props, and prepared conversation starters based on what she had learned about. It wasn’t long before Alyssa learned that I love turquoise; she ironically found in what appears to be the middle of nowhere a TURQUOISE barn where we would take some of the pictures. It’s like she created the perfect movie set just for us. She knew that we loved being amidst nature so she arranged for us to get photos done by a beautiful rushing river and on a bridge overlooking a brook. She packed us a picnic for us to enjoy in each others company along the river. From a distance, Alyssa was able to shot our special evening together. With an amazing lens, Alyssa had the ability to give us our space while capturing up close and personal shots. She had asked me in advance to write a love letter to my fiancé which he would read during our photo session which was a huge hit. Both Corey and I were moved by the experience. It is a moment we will cherish forever. It really is one of our most beloved moments.Turquoise Compass EngagementTurquoise Compass Engagement

Turquoise Compass EngagementVery few photographers have the ability to read a couple and capture their true essence and way of being on camera. Alyssa Martin has the magical ability to showcase a couple’s natural candid moments. She did just that for us! When Corey and I saw the 105 (how did she get so many good ones?!) edited and finished images she prepared for us, we were overwhelmed with emotion. She went above and beyond our expectations and captured our love on camera for us to have and hold forever. The pictures are all so amazing that we are having a hard time choosing our favorites for our engagement album. Alyssa made the whole experience so easy. I was slightly nervous in the beginning thinking about how my fiancé would last more than 45 minutes during a photo shoot that would be taken at three different locations. It worked flawlessly! Our session together flowed nicely, and Corey and I really were just spending time together like we normally would. It was just another date night for us to enjoy, except this time we have one more person tagging along for the ride. I know this sounds funny, but it was like Alyssa was spying on us while we were spending time together.
Turquoise Compass EngagementTurquoise Compass Engagement

Turquoise Compass EngagementI’m proud to say that Alyssa will also be traveling with us to the Dominican Republic to SHOOT OUR TURQUOISE BEACH WEDDING. We got very lucky to have been able to find a photographer in our city who would do both the engagement and wedding. After seeing how amazing the engagement photos turned out, I am even more excited for the wedding! With complete assurance, I know that our wedding photos will be a dream come true. Alyssa will be able to capture on camera the laughs, giggles, tears, and finer moments throughout the whole week in the Dominican with our family and friends. It’s hard to believe that my bright idea of approaching Alyssa began with the idea of a handful of engagement photos, but what we will end up with is far more than we could have ever imagined.Turquoise Compass EngagementTurquoise Compass Engagement

Turquoise Compass EngagementAlyssa is a talented versatile photographer who also does: weddings, families, inspiration through art, nature, pregnancy, children & infants, boudoir, sport & fitness, and more. In the spring, Alyssa arranges for photo sessions with BUNNIES! How cool is that? She tailors her photography skills to the types of photo shoots requested. Check out Alyssa Martin Photography on social media: Facebook. Alyssa Martin also owns I am Fit Photography and I am Fit is also on Facebook.

Turquoise Compass Engagement

Turquoise Compass Engagement

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