My Wedding Shower: Turquoise Beach Themed Tea Party

Turquoise Compass Wedding ShowerTurquoise Compass Wedding ShowerIt’s probably no surprise to you that I had a turquoise beach themed party for my wedding shower. After spending countless hours on Pinterest searching for wedding shower inspiration, I fell in love with the idea of having a vintage style turquoise high tea. A old-fashioned tea party is feminine, elegant, and so ME! An afternoon high tea is the perfect way to celebrate my upcoming wedding with family and friends. Yet, I still wanted my love for the beach to be incorporated into the party somehow. My mother surprised me with the brilliant idea of blending the two concepts together and designing a one of a kind turquoise beach themed high tea. It is no surprise to me that the best host in the world planned the perfect turquoise inspired wedding shower just for me–one that is more than I could have ever imagined.

Turquoise Compass Pinterest

Check out my turquoise tea party pins on my Pinterest (Click on this image)

Turquoise Compass Wedding Shower

Turquoise Compass Wedding ShowerI am the luckiest girl in the world to have been blessed with the best mother on earth. I know that my mom has been waiting for this special time to celebrate my upcoming wedding. She has been showering me my whole life with love, support, and affection and it’s no different at this very exciting time in my life. Isn’t it every mother’s dream to help plan their daughter’s wedding celebrations? I’m so glad that she can be a part of it all–the wedding dress shopping, the wedding and bridal showers, and the upcoming wedding day! It’s less than 100 days to wedding day and we’re all counting!Turquoise Compass Wedding Shower

Turquoise Compass Wedding ShowerWhen I saw the decorations for the first time, I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one roaming Pinterest for inspiration. It’s as if my mother planned the perfect Pinterest party for me (or she was spying on my Pinterest account)! She incorporated so many unique Pinterest ideas (that not even I had thought of) into the party and I was blown away by her attention to detail. She transformed her beautiful home that’s typically decorated in a hip county style, into a turquoise beach haven. She worked so hard and consigned so many of her friends to help her with the transformation. All of the guests were impressed with her décor and think that she should be a party planner and professional hostess.Turquoise Compass Wedding Shower

Turquoise Compass Wedding Shower

Opening Presents-
Turquoise Compass Wedding ShowerTurquoise Compass Wedding Shower

Party Favours-
Turquoise Compass Wedding Shower

Bride to be- That’s me!-Turquoise Compass Wedding Shower Turquoise Compass Wedding Shower

Thanks again mom; it meant the world to me. I’ll have these memories forever! Thanks to my maid of honour Amanda, I was able to get all of these lovely pictures!

Up next, the bridal shower…

8 thoughts on “My Wedding Shower: Turquoise Beach Themed Tea Party

  1. I forgot about/misplaced your site the last few months but I’m glad to be back. What a wonderful celebration! It’s clear your mom put in so much work and the result seems to be fabulous memories! All the best as you count down to your wedding. 🙂

    • Oh I’m counting down the days to my wedding day that’s for sure. We are so excited. I can hardly wait. It’s all sneaking up on us so quickly. My mom worked so hard on my shower and it was fantastic. It’s memories I’ll have forever. Thanks for stopping over.
      Have a turquoise day!

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