My Totally Trendy Turquoise Bridal Shower

Turquoise CompassTurquoise CompassOn the day of my bridal shower, I was reminded how much I am loved. I have the best friends and family in the world. Everyone came together to create the best totally trendy turquoise bridal shower a girl could ever ask for! The surprises the girls had in store for me blew my expectations out of the salty sea so to speak. It was a bride’s dream come true and a very special day that I will always remember. It’s moments like this when you realize who you can count on. I’ve been so blessed with people who have grown to know me inside and out and to know just what to do without even asking. It’s incredible to know that the friends and family who are celebrating my upcoming wedding with me seem to know me better than I know myself. I’m blessed to have been given such wonderful people who surround and support me during this most joyous occasion. For this, I am forever grateful.Turquoise Compass
Turquoise CompassI’m overwhelmed with emotion. It brings me to tears to know that this amazing group of women would go (and have gone) to the ends of the earth for and with me. I shouldn’t be surprised that my bridal shower turned out amazing and without a hitch, yet I was still left speechless at all they had done. The bridal shower planning crew went above and beyond my wildest expectations. The girls thought of everything and nothing was spared.Turquoise CompassTurquoise Compass

Turquoise CompassHere is a sneak peek at some of the creative ideas incorporated into my shower:

Advice for the Bride & Groom- The guests gave us advice for our marriage…
Turquoise Compass

Turquoise Compass-Never stop having fun
-Live, Love, Laugh, Cry, & Talk
-Learn to fight right
-Always speak highly of each other
-Enjoy every minute
-Stay close…Be honest and true
-Talk often
-Don’t go sleep angry
-Love with all you have
-Don’t bring up past mistakes
-Respect each other
-Don’t take each other for granted
-Love is… 1 Corinthians 13
-Be best friends
-Never stop holding hands
-Don’t sweat the small stuff
-Listen. Really listen
-Always kiss each other when you leave the house
-Always meet each other half way
-Be well for yourselves so you can be well for each other
-Communication is the key to a happy marriage
-Always think of the feelings of the other person before yourself
-Do forgive and renew your love often
-Be kind to each other
-If it won’t matter next week, it is not worth fighting over
-Appreciate the little things
-Apologize, no matter who is to blame
Turquoise CompassTurquoise Compass

Date Night Ideas for the Bride & Groom- The guests provided us with date night ideas…Turquoise Compass

Turquoise Compass-Go to the zoo
-Go to the movie theatre
-Read a book together out loud
-Segway tour
-Go to a new restaurant, and order for the other person
-Dinner and a movie
-Order take-out, watch a movie on Netflix, enjoy dessert
-Skinny-dipping in a moon-lit lake
-Painting/Pottery class
-Go Karting and ice cream
-Ice skating
-A night walk and find constellations
-Candle lit dinner at home
-Drive in movie
-Find 3 Pinterest crafts to do together
-Comedy show
-Make a homemade crossword puzzle for each other
-Write 50 things you love about each other and discuss
-Drive somewhere remote, watch the stars until you fall asleep
Turquoise CompassTurquoise Compass

He Said… The girls had to guess what he said to me when the picture was snapped…
Here are a few of their ideas…Turquoise Compass

Turquoise Compass-Can’t wait until Dominican!
-I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!
-Let’s get hitched hot stuff!
-I could stay like this forever…
-Ooo, you give the best hugs!!

She Said… The girls had to guess what I said to him when the picture was snapped… Here are a few of their ideas…Turquoise Compass

Turquoise Compass-I love you so much, it is amazing!
-It’s about time! Love you. Xo
-Let’s fly away, my sexy pilot man!
-You are amazingly perfect!
-You’re the love of my life!

My bridal shower was everything I could have ever hoped for. To get all of my closest girlfriends together in one place was a feat in itself. I’ll cherish the memories forever!
Turquoise Compass

Turquoise Compass

Judging by their gifts, it is safe to say that they know that I love turquoise.

Thank you girls,


turquoise compass watermark

11 thoughts on “My Totally Trendy Turquoise Bridal Shower

  1. Oh Jessica, this is the best! Love all the great ideas. I am sharing this with my daughter in law whose sister is getting married later this summer. I especially loved the cookies and the he said she said bubbles.

    I’ll continue to look forward to your stories about the wedding and preparations. In the meantime, have a great summer now that school is done!

      • Enjoy each and every day up to W day!

        I am moving to BC tomorrow. Long drive but it will be worth it. You may have noticed that I retired last week. Yeah me!

      • Wow, making the big move! Better weather out there! I’m spending some time in the Northern region currently and then back to the east coast to enjoy the rest of summer before our big day in the Dominican.
        Congratulations on retirement life!

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