Get Your Summer Yoga On at the Park!

Bodywise Yoga Studio

Catherine Dupont

It’s summer! It’s time to get active outside! Have you considered yoga in the park? Change up your fitness routine and try practicing yoga in a new environment, one where your senses will come alive! The sights, sounds, smells, and textures will be sure to energize your soul. Every Thursday from 12:00-12:45pm Bodywise Yoga Studio holds Yoga in the Park at Victoria Park in Moncton, New Brunswick (conditions permitting). If it’s raining, the alternate location is Bodywise Yoga Studio. The cost for summer yoga in the park is either half a punch (if you hold a punch pass) or just $7.25 for a drop in. If it’s your first class ever at Bodywise Yoga Studio the cost is a whopping $5.65. Classes are taught by either Jacynte Leger or Catherine Dupont on a weekly rotation. Each class is unique and one of a kind as each instructor brings their own flair and background to the instruction, yet yoga in the park is accessible for all. Jacynte’s style is a mixture of hatha and kundalini yoga, while Catherine offers a wonderful vinyasa flow (strong & slow, gentle, or a moderate vinyasa depending on the day). Whether you like sun or shade, there is an opportunity for both with the option of cover from the nearby trees. Revitalize your active lifestyle by trying yoga in the park today!

Jacynte Leger

Jacynte Leger

What do you need?

Catherine Dupont

Catherine Dupont

With outdoor yoga, prepare the same way you would if you were spending an hour or so doing physical activity outside. Summer is the season to shine and to be outside in all of its short Canadian glory. If you have a yoga mat then bring it along, if not, there are always extra mats on hand. Props are also provided at the park if necessary. If you’d prefer, using a beach towel is also an excellent option when practicing at the park–the earth is already so soft and inviting. It’s always nice to bring a light sweater, cotton scarf, eye pillow, or something to cover your face or eyes during relaxation. Come as you are and get ready to move!


Jacynte Leger

Jacynte Leger

Teacher Testimonials

“I love to practice outside and so I am happy to share the experience with others. Imagine that your drishti [eye gaze] while practicing tree is a tree, and the feeling of a breeze on your skin is what reminds you to stay with your breath; when rooting down into the earth, is literally, rooting down into the earth- this can awaken a whole new kind of awareness to our practice.” -Catherine


“Practicing yoga outdoors is such a great experience, it is calming, grounding, and makes me want to breathe so much deeper, it is a different experience than being in a yoga studio and is definitely worth trying!” -Jacynte


“I’ve been teaching outdoor classes at various locations now for 4 years and I love it. It helps people slow down, appreciate nature, and really be in the moment. When you’re practicing yoga in beautiful outdoor settings it’s easy to keep your mind in the present and to let go of whatever it is you may have been carrying along with you before class. Being in nature does this to us, so to add yoga into the mix just helps us reach a really relaxed and balanced state.” -Jacynte


See you at the park!


Bodywise Yoga Studio

See you at Yoga in Victoria Park with Jacynte Leger & Catherine Dupont (meet at the fountain)!
Check out their Facebook Page for Weather Updates-
On rainy days this class will be held at Bodywise Yoga Studio

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