Embracing Change at Kripalu Yoga & Beyond

Kripalu Yoga & Beyond Kripalu Yoga & Beyond To help spice up my summer routine, I had the opportunity to try out a new yoga studio this week–one with an exceptional view of mother nature’s best! Kripalu Yoga & Beyond provided me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, practice somewhere new, try a new class, and rejuvenate my fitness journey. It’s refreshing to be able to hit the reset button and try something completely new, while expanding on my yoga experience. As a Yoga Teacher in Training, it’s easy to get caught up in a routine in efforts to grow and establish my yoga routine, yet the true essence of growth happens when subtle changes occur. Without some change, growth will never occur. I reminded myself this week that change is good and that I do indeed crave it. Kripalu Yoga & Beyond helped me to discover what I already knew in my heart–embrace change even when it seems unknown or frightening. Some of the best things in life are right around the corner, but we’ll never find them unless we go looking.

Kripalu Yoga & Beyond

Kripalu Yoga & Beyond Thank you for opening up your bright and tranquil yoga studio to me Becky and for inviting me to your drop-in energizing kripalu yoga class! I enjoyed getting out of the city to visit Kripalu Yoga & Beyond in Salisbury, New Brunswick. The yoga studio is located on a beautiful country property surrounded by lush green grass, maple trees, and a bubbling river.Kripalu Yoga & Beyond

How would you like to practice here?

Kripalu Yoga & Beyond

Becky overlooking her property

Thank you Becky for your hospitality and for welcoming me into your world. I can’t wait to join you again at Kripalu Yoga & Beyond.Kripalu Yoga & BeyondKripalu Yoga & Beyond

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Kripalu Yoga & BeyondKripalu Yoga & Beyond

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