My YTT Journey with Breathing Space Yoga Studio is almost Complete

Breathing Space Yoga Studio-Yoga in SchoolsZeroslip Yoga TowelIt’s hard to believe I’m almost finished my Yoga in SchoolsYoga Teacher Training with Breathing Space Yoga Studio. I have one full week of the program left (August 10th-14th) and then I graduate as a yoga teacher on August 14th, 2015. I’m so excited! My 7 month Yoga Teacher Training has been an incredible journey–one that will have a lasting impact on my life. The lessons I have learned have been applied to my life and big changes are happening! Even though I had only been practicing yoga full time for 7 months prior to starting my Yoga Teacher Training, the program is set up to welcome yogis of all levels (me included). Prior to practicing yoga full time, I had only dabbled in yoga during my travels around the world on my year off (2013-2014) when I visited 22 countries. I was always involved in other fitness avenues, but never yoga. It wasn’t until my year of travels that I realized “I found my thing”! Yoga changed my life in so many ways. When I started my Yoga Teacher Training the first weekend in February I immediately was welcomed and made to feel at “home”. I was exactly where I was meant to be. Although my Yoga Teacher Training is coming to an end my yoga journey is far from over.

Breathing Space Yoga Studio-Yoga in SchoolsYogaA common phrase mentioned throughout the program is “every”body” can do yoga”. I like how Breathing Space Yoga Studio makes yoga accessible to all. Beyond our eligible Yoga Alliance vinyasa-based yoga training, we learned how to incorporate yoga into schools (specifically the elementary yoga program and Yoga 11 course taught in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), yoga for special needs and autism, and yoga for special populations. Yoga is meant for us all–if you’re breathing you’re doing yoga. The Yoga in Schools 200 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training is an excellent program to learn how to teach yoga in a traditional and safe way, while exploring the endless possibilities yoga has to offer. The program has strengthened my own personal yoga practice, while giving me a deeper knowledge of anatomy & physiology, yoga history & philosophy, teaching methods & techniques, and the role of a yoga teacher. I’m overwhelmed to know how much I’ve gained from this program in a mere 7 months. Yoga

YogaDuring the program we were encouraged to find mentors to help guide us throughout the 7 month program. I’m so lucky to be studying outside of my YTT at Bodywise Yoga Studio with not only one mentor, but multiple: Sarah, Beth, Becky, Catherine, Jacynte, and Sasha. Outside of my vinyasa based program, I’ve been studying more about ashtanga, various yoga teaching styles, and cuing. It’s been an incredible experience to learn about yogic traditions, while exploring more about myself in the process. I’m excited to know what comes next for me. I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities that come up. I’ll look forward to the next door that opens for me because I’m ready to go through it.

“Imagination is greater than Intellect.” -Albert Einstein

Check out the full Yoga in Schools Teacher Training Program here.

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My yoga mentor:

Breathing Space Founder Jenny Kierstead

Breathing Space Founder Jenny Kierstead


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