I’m a Canadian Yoga Alliance Registered and Insured Yoga Teacher

Canadian Yoga Alliance

To add to my vinyasa based yoga teaching certificate which is recognized by the Yoga Alliance Registry, I am now a registered and insured yoga teacher with the Canadian Yoga Alliance! My online yoga profile is listed under the registered yoga teachers tab.

Canadian Yoga Alliance is…

The original concept was (and is) to create a Canadian national alliance of ‘yogic’ minded individuals. The vision is to encourage networking beyond just personal data registration.

True yogic energy is ‘unifying’ and this energy can be expressed across the country through the CYA.

The Canadian Yoga Alliance was first established in 2004. It is now a member of the International Yoga Federation and the North American Yoga Federation.
-Canadian Yoga Alliance

The Canadian Yoga Alliance provides yoga students and practitioners with resources to support their personal and professional practice.

My yoga certifications:

-200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate- Breathing Space Yoga Studio
-200 hour Yoga in Schools Certificate – Breathing Space Yoga Studio
-500 hour (in progress) – Breathing Space Yoga Studio

Now that my yoga teaching journey has begun, I can teach with confidence.

Jessica, Turquoise Compass
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