Yoga for Sleep Workshop at JustNatural

JustNatural Holistic Spa
Yoga for Sleep Workshop $35
Sunday November 15th
Learn yoga postures to calm the mind, relax the body, and help promote a better night’s sleep. Join our workshop to learn more about the benefits of how yoga can help you sleep better. Combat insomnia and restless nights naturally with yoga!

Participants will experience:
  • strong & slow flow
  • vinyasa postures
  • yin postures
  • use of essential oils & yoga props
  • Physical assists
  • mindfulness & relaxation techniques

Included in the workshop: beverages, snacks, and workbook.

Bring with you a warm blanket, towel, and any other desired yoga props such as an eye pillow, block, or bolster.

Yoga mats and props are available for sale at the spa–receive 10% off your yoga purchase the day of the workshop.

Limited spots available, book with JustNatural Holistic Spa.

Pre-book your session with the spa today:
JustNatural Holistic Spa

JustNatural Holistic Spa
70 Balsam Street South, Timmins, ON, Canada

8 thoughts on “Yoga for Sleep Workshop at JustNatural

  1. Yoga for sleep! I love it 🙂 I love putting yoga and sleep together hence my love of yoga nidra and especially Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra by Jennifer Reis at Kripalu. Have you been to one of her classes/workshops?

  2. Hi Jessica – I just came back home from some grounding by the bay and saw that you had liked all my posts and my new blog. Thank you! Yes, yoga has such an amazing offering doesn’t it? We are so fortunate to have yoga in our lives! If you want to try a short version of yoga nidra (10 minutes) based on Jennifer Reis’ Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra training at Kripalu, she is my teacher and I have made this free gift for anyone that is interested in yoga nidra or meditation/relaxation (the link is also on my blog posts). Would love you to try it 🙂

    • Hey Nikki, I’m sorry I’m so late getting back to you, but I just found your message in my junk inbox. I hate it when that happens! Thank you so much for getting back to me. I would love some grounding by the bay–anything by the sea is where I want to be. Yes, I’ve followed your blog & liked some of your posts. I’m happy to support other like minded people. Thank you so much for the link–I’ll give it a try.
      Jessica, Turquoise Compass

      • “Anything by the sea is where I want to be” – sounds like a song! Yes I’m a saltwater girl too. Looking forward to hearing more about your 500hour training 🙂

      • haha Thanks for that. I love being by the water, in the water, or atop the water. It’s my happy place. I was born in a coastal town and salt water runs in my veins. What made you fall in love with the sea?

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