Glamour Shoot with Alyssa Martin Photography



Alyssa Martin Photography

Prior to my wedding, I did a glamour photo shoot with my wedding photographer–Alyssa Martin Photography to try out my wedding makeup and as a gift for my husband. I was told it is best to do a makeup trail run and thought it couldn’t hurt to test how the look would turn out in pictures.

Alyssa Martin Photography

The look I saw and created in the mirror wouldn’t necessarily turn out as planned in pictures if I used the wrong makeup because of the photographer’s multiple lenses, flashes, and the lighting at the venue. When I had my makeup lesson with a professional makeup artist prior to my big day, I was told that certain makeup can make your face look white in the pictures because the flash enhances the natural minerals in the makeup and I didn’t want that to happen. Who wants a white face in all of their wedding photos?Alyssa Martin Photography

The “test run” turned out better than expected and I ended up with some excellent pictures to create an album as a wedding present for my husband on our big day. He loved the pictures and how I incorporated a pilot’s uniform and the turquoise sunglasses I would wear on the beach our wedding day. The practice run also helped me to decide what lip colour I wanted when I walked down the sandy isle to the man of my dreams. I ended up changing the lip colour from a deep red to a hot pink! I never would have known my preference if I hadn’t tried it out first! I highly recommend a few makeup and photography practices prior to the big day! It helped me immensely.

Alyssa Martin Photography

You can never be too safe!


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