SelectSpecs for every Face, Style, &, Personality

SelectSpecsSelectSpecsThanks to SelectSpecs {I was sent a free pair of glasses to try out}, I finally have a pair of frames that suit my face, style, and personality. The pictures you have seen with me wearing glasses are probably only the ones with me wearing sunglasses in the tropics or in other sunny destinations. Not wearing prescription frames. Up until this point, I have actually never posted any pictures of me wearing prescription glasses on my blog or social media pages—until now…I’ve had glasses since I was around 13, but always had a hard time picking out a pair that suited my face, style, and personality (more importantly, a pair I thought I looked good wearing). Have you ever had that problem? With my new prescription glasses from the Economy Glasses Collection, I’ll want to wear them more often because they’re amazing–and I think I look fabulous in them!


SelectSpecsI used to only wear my glasses when I was tired, writing and working on a computer for long periods of time, or driving at night because I only have a slight prescription. I was never dying to wear them because I never loved them and it was never a necessity for me to wear them. With few reasons to wear them, why would I want to? My eye sight was always good, but my prescription glasses were needed from time to time. With age, my eye sight continued to improve with each optometrist appointment and my prescription became less and less. I started to update the style of my glasses and wear my glasses less often as my eye sight improved. I was dying to update my prescription frames as it had been years since I got a new pair. I was ecstatic to receive my free pair of black Infinity glasses. Not only are the frames incredibly comfortable, but they’re also durable, modern, stylish, and suit my face shape and personality. I believe that glasses are a reflection of one’s personality as they’re an accessory and my SelectSpecs totally suit mine! What do you think my glasses say about me?


SelectSpecsAlthough I still have a faint prescription, it’s nice to have a pair of glasses when and if I feel I need them, as my optometrist has said time and time again. I’m excited to finally have a pair of frames that make me feel confident, beautiful, educated, creative, independent, outgoing, unique, trustworthy, and self-assured (all the things that I am just to name a few) after nearly 15 years of not ever having that perfect pair to reinforce my style and personality. My Infinity specs are my new favourite item to finish off my look. I love that I love wearing them! Here’s to change and second chances! I’m so glad I gave wearing glasses another chance because I so enjoy wearing my new frames when I need them.


Like the quote above states on my turquoise journal, “stay true to who you are & you will end up incredible happy”. My SelectSpecs are true to who I am and make me incredibly happy while wearing them! Their fun, feisty, and free spirited…just like me! I’d love to hear what you think your glasses say about you. Feel free to comment below in the comment section.

What do you think about my look with glasses?

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9 thoughts on “SelectSpecs for every Face, Style, &, Personality

    • Glasses are so in style now! When I was in high school it was so not the thing to do to wear glasses… I needed to wear more often because my eyes were not as good then as they are now. Now, they’re in style and I hardly have to wear them with a minor prescription and 20/20 vision. Of course!

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