5 Must-Haves for a Winter Yoga Practice

Giant Tiger

Travels in northern Ontario with my big cozy scarf


Northern OntarioI’ve heard that winters in northern Ontario can be cold, harsh, and unforgiving. On the other hand, I’ve also heard that the best time of the year in the north is when the snow arrives and stays for good. I’ve been told that northern Ontario has the most to offer during its winter months for their best fluffy snow, amazing cross country skiing and snowshoe trails, ice fishing, and some of Canada’s best snowmobiling trails. Visitors travel from all over to experience what northern Ontario has to offer. It’s a winter lover’s playground. I’ve experienced glimpses of what winters are like during past visits, from snow covered wildlife tours to playing with alpacas in the snow, but I’ve never lived through an entire season. I’m up for the challenge. I have never been partial to the winter season and was usually depressed the minute fall arrived because I knew it meant one thing…winter is coming. This year was different. I enjoyed every moment of fall and instead of dreading what’s to come, I lived in the moment awaiting (and preparing) its expected arrival. I wasn’t hopeless at the first sight of snow in September, but rather full of hope and excitement for new possibilities, adventure, and a season full of winter sports and exploration. That’s what northern living is all about right?

Giant Tiger

Big cozy scarf keeping me warm in northern Ontario

winter yoga practiceSince moving to northern Ontario, I’ve had to be selective in choosing appropriate winter clothing and gear in preparation for the winter to come. I was once told that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing options. I’ve started to believe that this statement is true. As a summer baby, I would grumble my way through the very long winter season (I live in Canada after all) each year complaining how I was always freezing my butt off, while waiting for the first sign of summer to come. Due to my resistance, I never embraced winter’s arrival with open arms and a stocked dresser full of thermal wear. I paid the price. My own prejudice against old man winter caused my own misery and pain. Not this year. I’m prepared, ready, and open for what’s to come. I’ve stocked my closet full of fleece, wool, and warm winter gear for any adventure and temperature. Locals have advised what must-haves I need in my winter wardrobe for the minus temperatures to come. I’m ready and surprisingly excited to get out and experience the best nature has to offer this winter in northern Ontario.

Giant Tiger

Adventures in northern Ontario with my big cozy scarf

Giant TigerNot only have I had to think about appropriate winter gear, I’ve also had to think about practical clothing to help me survive my yoga practice this winter. To enjoy both my indoor and outdoor activities, I made it my mission to have warm clothing for all occasions. I quickly learned what must-haves I needed for outdoor winter exploration,  but it was trial and error to figure out what must-haves are required for a comfortable winter yoga practice.

Giant TigerGiant Tiger ACX


4 essential items to support a yoga winter practice:

  1. Fleece lined shirt or sweater
  2. Fleece lined yoga pants
  3. Warm socks
  4. Non-skid slipper socks
  5. Big warm cozy scarf
Giant Tiger

Fleece popover & fleece lined leggings

Giant Tiger

My new leggings!

I learned that a warm fleece popover and fleece lined yoga leggings which I purchased from GT boutique’s ACX ladies activewear line along with warm socks, non-skid slipper socks, and a big comfy cozy scarf are essential to a warm comfortable vinyasa practice. My favourite winter accessory is my affordable reversible Candy Couture scarf which I also picked up from Giant Tiger. The scarf is perfect for outdoor adventure, studio practice, and indoor relaxation. I pretty much take my scarf with me everywhere I go just in case I need a little extra warmth. The more versatile a product is the more I love traveling with it.

Giant Tiger

Warm socks & reversible cozy scarf

10 ways to use & wear a big comfy cozy scarf:

  1. as a warm cozy scarf…

Giant Tiger

2. over the shoulders…
Giant Tiger ACX

3. as a wrap…
Giant Tiger ACX

4. to cover your legs…
Giant Tiger ACX

5. as a blanket for savasana…Giant Tiger ACX

6. to support the neck…
Giant Tiger ACX

7. as a seated prop…
Giant Tiger ACX

8. on top your yoga mat…

Giant Tiger ACX

9. under the knees…
Giant Tiger ACX

10. and lastly, to wear and enjoy for every season and occasion…
Giant Tiger ACX

As I have discovered, there is no cookie cutter way to survive Canada’s most extreme season. It has been fun exploring clothing options of how to stay warm this winter, while finding practical products to allow me to have fun and keep moving. I’m ready for what winter has to throw at me. Bring it on and Namaste!

What are your winter yoga must-haves?

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16 thoughts on “5 Must-Haves for a Winter Yoga Practice

  1. I love your clothing tips! I’m in Melbourne Australia and it doesn’t get to snowing here but as a water lover the cold does my head in every winter (we have lived here 7 winters, yes, I’m counting in winters!). I love that you are prepared knowing that the cold could potentially affect your practice. Go you! x

    • Thank you so much Nikki. I’ve been to Melbourne during your winter and the wind whips through your soul–I get what you mean about how the cold does your head in. Although it may not snow on your coast the cold damp air is miserable…but there is hope, you can dress for the weather and then the cold is more bearable. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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