10 Must-See Stops on Your Next Northern Road Trip

Cedar Meadows

Check out the article I wrote for Northeastern Ontario Tourism: 10 Must-See Stops on Your Next Northern Road Trip. I’m so enjoying my time in the north! Which of the 10 must-see-stops in Northeastern Ontario would you want to visit?

  1. Big Nickel, SudburyNorthern Ontario
  2. Hockey Heritage North, Kirkland Lake
  3. Arctic Watershed, HWY 11
  4. Dream Acres Alpacas, Matheson
  5. Heresy Lake Conservation Area, Timmins
  6. Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa, Timmins
  7. Wild Exodus, Timmins
  8. Polar Bear Statue and Cochrane Railway Station, Cochrane
  9. Polar Bear Habitat and Vintage Snowmobile Museum, Cochrane
  10. Northern Spirit Adventures, Smooth Rock Falls

Cedar Meadows


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17 thoughts on “10 Must-See Stops on Your Next Northern Road Trip

      • Trust me Cheryl, it’s not for me either. I’m a summer baby all the way which you probably noticed from my blog–Turquoise Compass. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. It’s more about embracing my reality, because that’s all I can do or I would be one miserable person otherwise. If I could transport myself to live in a tropical destination forever, I would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, Canada doesn’t have any tropical areas. I guess that’s why I appreciate the sun, sand, and sea so much—because I can’t have it year-round. 🙂

      • I do understand…I was raised in a sub-tropical climate and can not imagine not living on the Atlantic Ocean! I have visited Canada many times. Nova Scotia, Toronto and Montreal (Where my Mother was born!). Although, lovely and friendly I would suffer ill affects of wintertime there called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). As one of the reasons my Mother left Canada for Miami Beach Florida after Formal Education in Canada. She does not miss winter and its been many years for her now…Cheryl x

      • Yes, I know exactly where you are coming from (as many Canadians can relate). I too need to take special care in the winter not to be affected too much by SAD. Some years are worse then others. I make sure to take lots of vitamin D supplements, get outside, stay active, and I use a sun lamp daily. I wish I had/have the option to live in a tropical destination. As much as we dislike the winter, I’m not sure we could give up living in Canada. I’m hoping for a 50/50 arrangement in the near future. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to travel the majority of the year to glorious turquoise destinations. 🙂

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  3. Behind you! Reminds me of pantomines when I was a kid. Beautiful photo in the header,stunning light. Looking forward to reading some of your snowy Northern adventures from someone down under. Louise

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