Sunglasses are the Perfect Winter Accessory for Northern Explorations


SelectSpecsWhen I think of sunglasses I first think of hot temperatures, humid weather, palm trees, and relaxing on a turquoise beach with a refreshment in hand! Yet, sunglasses are required wherever I travel. When packing for a trip, my sunglasses are one of the first items I pack. I don’t go anywhere without them–regardless of season or destination. Although I am no longer in a hot tropical climate (oh, how I miss Mexico), I’m needing my sunglasses now more than ever before. Regardless of the temperature nothing will stop me from getting outside and enjoying life. I know, I must sound crazy! I’ll find adventure wherever I am! My new designer-style Savannah Sunglasses {I was sent a free pair of glasses to try out}  are the perfect winter accessory to help me enjoy my explorations in Northeastern Ontario–the outdoor lover’s paradise. SelectSpecs

SelectSpecsIf you know anything about me then you know that I am a summer baby at heart through and through. Nothing will change that. I’ve devoted my blog to traveling from one beautiful turquoise destination to the next. With that being said, I’ve also found it incredibly humbling to get out of my comfort zone and experience as much of this world as I can–regardless of climate. As a Canadian, I figured it was high time I experienced a taste of what living in the north would be like–even if that meant I needed to live the majority of the year in the cold winter season. Winter has never been my favourite season, nor is it now, but I’m learning to appreciate it for what it is. I’ve been told that the best time of the year in Northern Ontario is when the snow arrives and stays for good. The light fluffy snow provides the perfect conditions for winter sports and outdoor living.


SelectSpecsI’ve been passing the time in Northeastern Ontario by  snowshoeing, meeting sledding dogs, and outdoor adventures. With a winter wonderland all around me, my sunglasses are necessary to protect my eyes from the sun’s glare on the pristine white snow. Whether it’s blue skies and sunny or overcast, sunglasses are needed to comfortably enjoy an outdoor lifestyle in the north. There’s no way I’ll stay sane by staying inside for 6 months, so I might as well put my sunglasses on and embrace my reality. It’s time to get out and LIVE!


My durable rubberized SelectSpecs wayfarer sunglasses are the perfect frames for the rugged travel and active living typical in the north. I can grab my sunglasses and go knowing that they will withstand whatever adventure (or test) there is to come.

What’s on your winter bucket list? Put your sunglasses on and GO!

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