Best Things to do in Ohau, Hawaii

Ohau, Hawaii

Check out the article I wrote for Kaleidoskope Magazine: Best Things to do in Ohau, Hawaii about my previous trip to Ohau, Hawaii–my first dream turquoise bucket list destination during my around-the-world-travels. This post brought up so many fond memories of my solo backpacking adventure to 22 incredible countries. Hawaii is just one of them, but it’s amongst my top favourites. I bet you’ll soon see why!

What dream turquoise destination are you dying to visit? Maldives and Tahiti are still at the top of my list.


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6 thoughts on “Best Things to do in Ohau, Hawaii

  1. This is awesome !! Loved your article on Ohau Hawaii and Hawaii has always been a dream destination for me. But I must say I am lucky to have already covered Maldives being an amateur wanderluster 🙂
    Your blog is simply incredible 🙂 Jumping into your followers list 🙂

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