7 Interesting Facts about Australia

Western AustraliaCheck out the article I wrote for Kaleidoskope Magazine: 7 Interesting Facts about Australia based on what I learned during my 3 month adventure throughout Australia during my around-the-world travels. Australia is a place where I lost and found myself. I’m so thankful for my time in Australia and Aussie will forever be near and dear to my heart. Do you know the feeling?What country has taught you a special lesson?


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14 thoughts on “7 Interesting Facts about Australia

      • Yes, you must get him to consider even a short time there, like an exchange the way I did in 2011.

      • Yeah, if we could figure out an exchange for him that would be great! Unfortunately, most of the Canadian pilot licenses don’t transfer over…it’s more difficult for him to find work there.

      • Bummer! Well, you’ll have to go over as the exchange teacher. Something to plan on.

      • I don’t think I could manage to be away from my husband for another year. It was hard enough doing long distance for 2 years when he lived up in the north (when I lived out east) and for the 15 months of me backpacking the world. I think we’re done being apart for long periods of time. We did out time. 🙂 We’ll go over together for sure though. It’s a wonderful country and I want to go back.

      • I meant for you to go together. There is nothing like living in another country to really get to know it.

      • Yeah, like I said, living there together isn’t a possibility as it would be nearly impossible for him to work there. He loves his job and we have a great gig in Canada, so we’ll be living here and traveling abroad when we have time.

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