26 Yoga Poses You Can Do in the Snow or Literally Anywhere

I’ve spent the last month in a mad dash to accomplish the rest of my winter bucket list items now that the weather has been better before the end of the season. With only a few items left on my northern bucket list, I’m almost there! Top on my list was doing yoga in the snow in Northeastern Ontario. Even in -30 degree Celsius weather, I managed to get out on a blue sky sunny day and do yoga in the snow! Would you do it? Here are 26 of my favourite yoga poses that you can do in the snow, or literally anywhere at anytime. No special equipment required! Where do you yoga?

1. Extended Side Angle Pose- Utthita Parsvakonasana:Yoga in the Snow

2. Warrior I Pose- Virabhadrasana I:Yoga in the Snow

3. Warrior II Pose – Virabhadrasana II:Yoga in the Snow

4. Warrior III Pose- Virabhadrasana III:Yoga in the Snow

5. Reverse (sun) Warrior Pose- Viparita Virabhadrasana:
Yoga in the Snow

6. Half Moon Pose- Ardha Candrāsana:

Yoga in the Snow

Yoga in the Snow

7. Eagle Pose-Garudasana:Yoga in the Snow

8. Yogi’s Squat/Garland Pose- Malasana:Yoga in the Snow

9. Standing Backbend Pose- Anuvittasana:
Yoga in the Snow

10. Extended Mountain Pose-Tadasana:Yoga in the Snow

11. Five Pointed Star Pose-Utthita Tadasana:Yoga in the Snow

12. Wide Legged Forward Bend Pose-Prasarita Padottanasana:Yoga in the Snow

13. Modified Wide Legged Forward Bend Pose (half)-Prasarita Padottanasana:Yoga in the Snow

14. Dance Pose-Natarajasana:Yoga in the Snow

15. Guyan Mudra in Mountain Pose- Guyan Mudra & Tadasana:Yoga in the Snow

16. Chair Pose-Utkatasana:Yoga in the Snow

17. Standing Forward Bend-Uttanasana:Yoga in the Snow

18. Modified Standing Forward Bend (half)-Uttanasana:Yoga in the Snow

19. Triangle Pose-Trikonasana:Yoga in the Snow

20. Intense Side Stretch Pose-Parsvottanasana:Yoga in the Snow

21. Plank Pose-Phalakasana:Yoga in the Snow

22. Downward Facing Dog Pose-Adho Mukha Svanasana:Yoga in the Snow

23. One Legged Downward Dog-Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana:Yoga in the Snow

24. Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog (bent knee variation)- Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana:Yoga in the Snow

25. High Lunge Pose-Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana:Yoga in the Snow

26. High Crescent Lunge Pose-Alanasana 1:
Yoga in the Snow

Enjoy the rest of the winter season while you can! Spring is near!

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