When one Door Closes, Another Door Opens: Toronto



My farewell gifts

As my time in the north comes to an end, I am starting a new chapter with my husband Corey with my MOVE TO TORONTO TOMORROW! Toronto will be our new home base for the time being. A new story begins; when one door closes another door opens. Adventure lies ahead (and lots of travel opportunities with Porter Airlines & Porter Escapes). Although I am saddened to leave my new job and amazing friends behind (is it an option to take them with me?), I am READY, OPEN, and EXCITED for what’s to come.

Today I am feeling blessed and thankful. Ironically, just as I am getting ready to leave the north, I finally feel as though I have found my place here—completely embraced and welcomed by the community, surrounded by loving friends, and loving the life I have created here—an exciting college teaching job, teaching yoga, travel in Northeastern Ontario, and writing opportunities. My friends gave me an incredible “new beginning” celebration with wonderful turquoise inspired yoga gifts. So thoughtful and significant. I am forever thankful–I don’t know what I would have done without them. It’s not goodbye, it’s new beginnings.

I cannot thank everyone in the community of Timmins enough for their kind hospitality, friendship, collaboration, and generosity, which has made my transition in the north that much easier. I have learned so much and will never forget my experiences. They may have long cold winters (I think spring is finally around the corner), but their warm hearts have made it easier to handle. Cheers to tomorrow!

My Turquoise Compass motto: live, dream, travel, and do yoga…I’ve done just that!

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19 thoughts on “When one Door Closes, Another Door Opens: Toronto

      • I’ve got no plans to come back to Canada at the moment unfortunately. I have a friend who spends about 80% of the year travelling, I wish I could live like him so I could visit and revisit all the places I want to 🙂

      • Yes, it is fun to live a life on the road (I’ve done it full time and do it part time now), but there is something to be said about calling a place “home” and to be rooted there. I’ve been living out of suitcases for about 3 years; I can’t wait until the day when ALL of my stuff is in the same place! No more bouncing back and forth. Not to mention, my own bath tub would be nice too. hehe

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