Lily Morgan’s Spring Line is Practical, Comfy, and Versatile

Giant Tiger

Giant TigerThis month I had the pleasure and blessing of joining the Giant Tiger team at an Ottawa Fury FC game at TD Place to hand out roses to the ladies at the game to celebrate all females, especially mothers on the Saturday before Mother’s Day! It was an incredible honour to hand a rose to a woman, regardless of age, and see their face light up at Giant Tigers’ thoughtful gesture. It was a beautiful experience as a team of women, along with Giant Tiger’s furry favourite Friendly, to recognize all women with white and red roses in celebration of motherhood regardless if they are traditional mothers or not! As an educator, I know that we are all one, unified in helping raise our world’s children to be inspired and successful. Seeing mothers glowing while holding their rose with pride alongside their singing children was a sight to see. 

Giant Tiger
Giant Tiger is a Canadian company that continues to surprise and astonish with their affordable prices, useful products, and chic modern styles, which are continually changing with the fashion trends in Canada. I had a lady ask me at the Ottawa Fury FC game “what are you wearing?” and I replied “why Giant Tiger’s Lily Morgan of course!”. I couldn’t represent Giant Tiger at Ottawa’s soccer game with thousands of Fury fans without also wearing the brand. I made sure to be decked out from head to toe in Giant Tiger’s current clothing line. You could have spotted an item or two that I was wearing in their weekly flyer.
Giant Tiger

When browsing Giant Tiger’s spring clothing line, I was instantly drawn to the Lily Morgan line because of its feminine professional-meets-casual twist on business attire. I knew right away that it would be practical, comfortable, functional AND stylish (perfect for what I look for); I can wear it to work and yet, also wear it out on the town with friends. After informing the lady at the game that I was in fact wearing all items from Giant Tiger’s spring Lily Morgan line she was shocked! She had no idea that she could find such cute and fashion forward items at Giant Tiger. Giant Tiger’s fashion buyers are constantly on the look out for trendy multi functional fashions for today’s modern Canadian women (for ladies of all ages)—a woman who is professional, social, and active.  It’s clothing that women can actually afford, and afford to update with the constantly changing styles of the season. Women don’t need to feel guilty for updating their closest(s) to enjoy the trends of each season with Giant Tiger’s selections. From the perspective of a busy bee traveler, yoga teacher, and educator, I can appreciate a good deal when I see one, especially when there is variety and the clothes are multi-functional!

Giant Tiger
I have worked with Giant Tiger on a couple community initiatives and each time I have been impressed. It’s a joy to see a large Canadian company engaging with locals, while make a difference in the various communities Giant Tiger is in. I look forward to seeing where this Canadian company goes and how they keep it Canadian.
What’s your current GT Boutique style? My style or Lily Morgan?
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