Living Outside the Box with Dusky Leaf’s Cubist Yoga Bag

Dusky Leaf
 Dusky LeafAs a busy-bee hyperactive traveler, pilot wife, and on-the-go yoga teacher, I’m constantly on the move whether I’m on a trip with my husband, commuting locally to and from the yoga studio, or traveling to out-of-province yoga workshops. For everyday in-studio teaching or local workshops, I’m absolutely in love with my Dusky Leaf bright cerulean blue B.I.G Yoga Bag — it has it all! This BIG bag proves to be exactly what I need to transport ALL of my favourite essential yoga teaching tools and props with its many extra features. However, there are those days when I’m in need of a yoga bag spacious enough for my Dusky Leaf Natural Rubber Mat and a few other practical items, while not being “too big” so it’s convenient for air travel and land exploration. Tis the season for outdoor yoga! I like to maintain my yoga practice and lifestyle even when on the road. My new Dusky Leaf Cubist Yoga Bag is an innovative rectangular bag made specifically to transport as much as possible, while keeping things light and compact—perfect for the unconventional carry-on-only traveler like me.

 Dusky LeafDusky Leaf
Dusky LeafThe colourful Eco-friendly Cubist Yoga Bag in slate grey and Atlantis blue is the perfect addition to my go-to yoga accessories designed just for me. I’m able to keep things light, practical, while still spicing up my turquoise yogini lifestyle. The design of this particular canvas yoga bag provides room to carry a lot of stuff, while not adding the bulk of extra zippers, pockets, or compartments. Not only is this bag simple yet expansive, its price point is less than your average big yoga bag! I’m in!
Dusky Leaf
 Dusky Leaf
Want to know more?
It’s rectangular –  stand out and be different with a rectangular yoga mat in a world full of people with cylindrical totes
It’s bigger – over 27% bigger compared to a round mat bag of equal width
It fits any mat – at 29″ in length (29″ L x 8″ W x 8″ H), this yoga bag can fit extra long and extra wide yoga mats
It’s built to last – this rugged bag has durable canvas, reinforced seams, a wide adjustable shoulder strap, and a durable zipper with double pullers for easy access
It breathes – unlike most bags, this bag features 4 vent holes along one side to air out your yoga mat and athletic gear 24/7
What fits in my Dusky Leaf Cubist Yoga Bag?
Dusky Leaf

What’s inside Jessica’s Bag?

-Dusky Leaf’s blueberry Natural Rubber Yoga MatDusky Leaf
-Dusky Leaf’s aqua blue Zeroslip Yoga Towel
-2 Dusky Leaf natural Cork Yoga Blocks
-Eye Pillow
-Yoga strap
-Meditation stones
-Journal & pen
-Mat cleaner
-Natural room spray
-Essential oils
Dusky Leaf
 Dusky Leaf
Dusky LeafYes! It all fits! Can you believe all of that fits in the large yet compact unisex cubist bag? Do I always take all of these items with me when I’m on the road? No! But if I wanted to I could! When I’m traveling by air (especially when traveling stand-by), I typically try to keep things as light as possible. I’ll grab my natural rubber yoga mat, eye pillow, strap, and GO! Dusky Leaf is always coming up with new yoga products to support the Modern-Eco yogi who’s typically on the move. Not only are each of their products useful, but they are also durable, vibrant, one of a kind, and FUN! I love that this newly designed yoga bag has the versatility of being able to carry it all or just a few mandatory items. The choice is yours! What’s in your yoga bag?
Dusky Leaf
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