Beach Yoga Season is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Beach Yoga is Back: Mississauga Yoga on the Beach

June 15th – August 31st!
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Richard’s Memorial Park – 804 Lakeshore Road West

Join us on the Beach
for a Yoga class like no other

No mood setting CDs necessary – this is the real thing. In this vinyasa style class, we will move through poses and connect with our breath – being nourished by mother nature herself. Enjoy the tranquillity and peacefulness  of the near by beach. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air.

About our Classes

What is Vinyasa yoga? Vinyasa Yoga links body movement to the breath, uses the breath to move safely from one posture to the next through a step-by-step process, and teaches you how set an intention for one’s personal yoga practice and how to take the necessary steps toward reaching that goal


Who can do beach yoga?

We invite all ages from 10 years old* and up to join us on the beach each week.
This gentle flow yoga is perfect for all yogis, from the beginner to the expert.

Join as a family, a couple, or a group of friends. Check out our registration options to see how to save on your passes when you register more than one person.

We do not recommend this class for prenatal participants as the sand can be unstable.

*Children 10 years – 15 years must be accompanied by an adult

Our flexible pass packages offer you the flexibility to attend based on your schedule.
It’s summer after all – vacations, cottages and patios are to be enjoyed.
Choose your package and then apply them throughout the summer.

Registration packages available for single participants and groups of two, three, and more

Single Registration

Drop In – $17.00/Class + HST
4 passes – $16.00/class + HST
6 passes – $15.00/class + HST
8 passes – $14.00/class + HST
10 passes – $12.00/class+ HST

Group: Two Particpants 

Drop In – $16.00/person + HST
4 passes – $15.00/person + HST
6 passes –
$14.00/person + HST
8 passes – $13.00/person + HST
10 passes – $12.00/person + HST

Group: Three Participants

Drop In – $15.00/person + HST
4 passes – $14.00/person + HST
6 passes – $13.00/person + HST
8 passes – $12/person + HST
10 passes – $11/person + HST

Group: Four Participants

Drop In – $14.00/person + HST
4 passes –
$13/person + HST
6 passes – $12/person + HST
8 passes – $11/person + HST
10 passes – $10/person + HST

Classes will be held at

Richards Memorial Park (Lorne Park Area)
804 Lakeshore Road West

Every Wednesday Night Starting June 15th!
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

yoga on the beach 6

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many participants per class?
We do not limit the amount of participants per class. We invite everyone to come out and try our classes!

How do the flexible passes work?
You have until August 31st to use the passes you have purchased. You can apply your passes to any class offered throughout the summer. When you register, we ask you to indicate the first class you will be attending or if you have a rough idea of what classes you would like to attend to include them on the registration form. If your dates change, that’s ok. Just choose another date to enjoy your class.

If I purchase a group package to share with other participants, what happens if not all members of the group can attend the same classes?
We understand that sometimes schedules do not align or someone may not be up for class. As long as the majority of the classes are used as a group, you can still take advantage of the group rates. Remember – all passes must be used by August 31st.

Will you be holding beach classes in September?
Depending on the weather and participation, we may extend the classes until the end of September. Check back with us in mid August.

What happens if it rains?
If conditions are deemed unsafe, we will cancel class and you will have the opportunity to apply your pass to another date. We are very flexible and will accommodate. If the rain is light or there is less than a 60% chance, we will most likely continue with class – as there is a covered gazebo option we can use (if not occupied). The class will automatically be cancelled if thunder or lightening is more than a 80% risk. A notification will be sent to all participants no later than an hour before class updating you on the status of class.

Are classes held directly on the beach?
Yes! Richard’s Memorial Park has a lovely beach area. We will be located off to the side (so others can enjoy the beach as well). Once you are parked, just walk south towards the water and you’ll find Jessica waiting for you.

What should we bring?
We recommend a yoga mat you do not mind getting sandy and a bit dirty and a towel for underneath your mat to help keep the mat stable. Always have water with you to stay hydrated, sunscreen and bug repellent.

What should we expect with a beach yoga class?
This is a wonderful and unique yoga experience. Some poses may feel differently in the sand – but modifications are always offered. As lovely as the sound of waves can be, they can also be loud, so our instructor may have to speak louder than if she were inside. And of course, this is an outdoor class, so bugs may be watching the class – always a good idea to have some repellent.

Questions: Contact us at

Fitness by the Lake also has Youth Yoga and park yoga!

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