Northern Living Bucket List

Dog Sledding


I had the incredible opportunity of living in Northern Ontario when my husband was -based in Timmins, Ontario when he worked for Thunder Airlines as a King Air 100 pilot. I made a commitment to myself that during my time in Northeastern Ontario, I would do as much as I could do and see as much as I could see. Since I knew living in the north wouldn’t be forever, I wanted to make the best of my experience and have as many adventures as possible. I immediately immersed myself in the community and found myself a job teaching at the local college half the time, while teaching vinyasa yoga at a local holistic spa, practicing yoga, traveling, and writing for Northeastern Ontario Tourism during the other half of the time. It wasn’t long before I was checking things off my northern bucket list. From snow tubing, winter fireworks, making s’mores over an open winter bush campfire, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, hosting yoga workshops, to dogsledding, I pretty much did it all. During my time in the northern regions of Ontario, I visited as many northern communities that I could reach–even as far north as Peawanuck on Hudson’s Bay, which is the second most northern community in Ontario only accessible by plane or winter ice roads (as shown on Ice Road Truckers). Although the arctic temperatures last 8-9 months of the year, I was able to create the life I wanted to live and live my life to the fullest–even if it meant I lived it in alpaca fleece and thermal wool winter wear. It’s an adventure I will never forget.

Here are the experiences I completed during my 8 months of living in Northern Ontario and my multiple trips and visits to the north.

30 Flights in Five Months and Flying

A Breath of Fresh Air at Dream Acres Alpacas

Staying Warm at Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

Winter Wonder Land in Timmins

Gold Mine: Two Gyms, One Location

10 Tips for Staying Active When Traveling

A World of Sports at Timmins Museum National Exhibition Center

Playing in the Snow

Going Zen on Hot Yoga

The Sun Shines in the Forest

Stay and Dine at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

Wildlife Tour at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

Touring Northern Ontario with Tourism Timmins

5 Fun Things to do in Timmins

I Spy a Moose in my Selfie

Getting Close to Nature in the Great Outdoors

Three Great Summer Events

Summer Versus Winter View

Sampling the Best of JustNatural Holistic Spa

Staying Active with Yoga and Zumba While Traveling

Staycation at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

Northern Spirit Voyageur Canoe Adventure

My First Facial Taught me to be Thankful

Cedar Meadows Chalet Staycation

Summer Wildlife Tour Brought to Life

Yoga and Traveling are Journeys to Self

Wild Exodus Adventure Travel

Flying Northern Ontario with Thunder Airlines

One Month in Northern Ontario

65 Flights in 14 Months Flew By

Expanded Roots and Renovated: JustNatural Holistic Spa

10 Days of Yoga to Calm the Mind, Relax the Body, and Warm the Heart

Packing my Car, Hitting the Open Road, and Saying Yes to Life: Landing in Northern Ontario

5 Must Have for a Winter Yoga Practice

10 Must-See Stops on Your Next Northern Road Trip

Sunglasses are the Perfect Winter Accessory for Northern Explorations

Self-Care this Winter Season

Alpacas, Moose, and Bears oh My!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the North

Lessons in How to Truly Enjoy Winter

Sneak Peek at my Winter Adventures in Northeastern Ontario

Feeling like a Princess at JustNatural Holistic Spa

My First Seacret Mineral Mud Facial

26 Yoga Poses You Can Do in the Snow or Literally Anywhere

March Break Activities in Timmins for the Whole Family!

Spring Bucket List Items to do in Northeastern Ontario

Get Wild this Spring with Wild Exodus

Wild Exodus

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