Turquoise Compass Approved|First Edition:Handmade & Canadian


I’ve decided to start a “Turquoise Compass Approved” series on my blog where I highlight in each post five blogs, websites, lodging, products, trips, destinations, etc… which I’ve had positive personal experience with and/or have fallen in love with. After my travels around the world and experiences from living in different regions, I can’t help but share with my lovely turquoise lovin’ followers the ‘P’s’ I’m addicted to and have grown to love: the people, places, projects, and products from around the world!

First up for my first time first edition “Turquoise Compass Approved” are the handmade and Canadian products by companies I love: Bueteaful, Hint of Lime, Harmony Box, JustNatural Holistic Spa, and West Lake Cosmetics. Each company is Canadian (I love shopping local, especially from the province I’m living in) and make or promote handmade and natural products made in Canada. Who doesn’t love all-natural products made with environmentally-friendly ingredients that are not only good for us, but also good for the earth? I’ve tried and use products from each of these companies and I cannot help but share my digital-love for these one-of-a-kind companies. They’re Turquoise Compass Approved!

As a yogi and passionate natural product user, I approve shopping from:

1. BueTeaful, New Brunswick


Bueteaful is a New Brunswick based company that produces premium tea and natural products ranging from essential oils, room sprays, to body products, and beyond. Bueteaful believes in using the highest quality tea blends and ingredients, including organic ingredients grown right in Sari’s (the owner’s) own home garden. A majority of the products (which are all handmade with love) are 100% natural and organic. Bueteaful customizes in one of a kind lovable teas, teaware, aromatherapy sprays, healing salves & balms, and lip balms. Who wouldn’t want to buy good for the earth natural products, while supporting a local artisan at the same time?

2. Hint of Lime Designs, Ontario

Hint of Lime Designs

After connecting with a childhood school friend on social media, I realized Sascha started her own business–Hint of Lime Designs creating unique, one of a kind, and limited edition artisanal bags (and more) in various sizes! Not only does she handcraft these amazing bags with original modern designs, she also creates the bags with vinyl lining or cotton lining perfect for people on the go. Whether you want to use the bag for cosmetics or as a travel bag, Sascha has a bag for you.

3. Harmony Box, Ontario

Harmony Box

Harmony Box is a Canadian premier yoga and wellness subscription box providing subscribers with a monthly dose of tranquility. Each month, subscribers will receive a box delivered to their door filled with one of a kind products for lovers of all things yoga, health, and wellness. Since the majority of online subscription boxes are American, it’s difficult for Canadians to take part due to the high costs for shipping to Canada (in addition to the subscription costs). Viola!–Harmony Box was born. Not only is Harmony Box Canadian, they have made it their goal to support Canadian companies whenever possible, while providing the highest quality of products in each box. It’s a great way for subscribers to be introduced to new and unique Canadian companies and their products, while proving authentic publicity for artisans as well. Their aim is to provide a service to like minded Canadians who are interested in enhancing their healthy lifestyle with uniquely Canadian products.

4. JustNatural Holistic Spa, Ontario

JustNatural Holistic Spa

Organic & Natural Boutique-  As a natural and holistic spa, Chrislynn, owner and registered Myomassology Practitioner, uses only all-natural and organic products. JustNatural Holistic Spa uses ecological products that are good for the environment and body! No confusion reading the ingredient lists on her products–you’ll know what everything is. JustNatural Holistic Spa boutique sells a variety of authentic items and natural, organic, and homemade body products that are made in Canada and the USA.

5. West Lake Cosmetics, Ontario

West Lake Cosmetics

Not only are West Lake’s products all-natural, the products are Canadian made in Parry Sound using only the highest quality ingredients and essential oils and best of all, they’re affordable. Their motto “Peace of  Mind.   Piece of Luxury” stands true as West Lake provides customers with luxurious and effective products along with helpful information of how to use each product and make them last. With a wide selection of products, there are products made for everyone! The owner Wendy was inspired after her travels around the world to open a soap shop, and encourages those around her to come up with ideas to make the best soothing and effective products. Wendy emulates the Canadian way of life by keeping West Lake Cosmetics down to earth, and providing customer with helpful and thoughtful advice.

[ Listed in no particular order ]

Each company ships online (aside from JustNatural Holistic Spa in Timmins, Ontario where you can get the in-store natural boutique shopping experience) and is on social media and they would love to connect with you!

If you have any questions about any of the companies/products listed, do not hesitate to ask away!

Follow your compass: live, dream, travel, and do yoga!

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Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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