Keeping Mexico Alive in our Home with Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art

Modern Map ArtViva Las MEXICO! Mexico is a country that’s near and dear to mine and my husband’s hearts! From backpacking, turquoise adventures, all-in-luxury, to a hideaway honeymoon, our hearts remain and will forever stay with Mexico! As much as we love visiting new destinations (and we try really hard to do so), there is something special about Mexico that keeps luring us back. My husband Corey didn’t quite understand what I meant when I talked endlessly about my backpacking days in Mexico until he experienced it for the first time himself. Now that he’s been for our honeymoon and one year anniversary, Mexico has its full grip on his heart too! Have you ever been somewhere and left a part of yourself behind? Mexico is that place for us. Our hearts belong to Mexico. Mexico is a place where you can lose yourself, find yourself, and rediscover yourself all in one trip. Its white sand and turquoise waters has the mesmerizing power to transform your thinking and give your a clear perspective. It’s not surprising that when I heard of Modern Map Art’s (founded in 2016) new & fresh map prints,  I just HAD to get my hands on one of their Enhanced Matte Mexico Map Posters for our home! Now we can put our love (and memories) of Mexico in the center of house!

Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art designs are unlike any I’ve seen before. Their unique map designs are created by travelers, like you and me! The designs are inspired by the lines, grids, and urban sprawl of living breathing cities the artists are familiar with. They are created from adventures and cultural experiences the artists have had in each destination. Experiences us travelers can relate to. Each map, city, ski trail, and country tells a STORY. Modern Map Art has the creative ability to mix city grids, imagery, and colour to make maps ART. Elegant and modern art that’s perfect for every home and office space. Each design uniquely represents the individuality and character of each city and country — while representing the personality of the purchaser. There’s a map for everyone and if you’re unable to find your perfect piece, Modern Map Art will curate something specifically for YOU. We were so excited when our 24×36 Modern Map Art Mexico Map Poster finally arrived on our doorstep! We’re ecstatic to frame this beauty and incorporate it into our new Nova Scotia home! In keeping with our tropical and beachy design themes, we’re hoping to find a turquoise frame to complete this precious piece of modern art! This conversation piece will keep alive the spirit of Mexico that lives within us. Really, it’s just another excuse to talk about Mexico all day.
Modern Map Art

Why black and white? Black and white tone enables the map prints to be designed with the utmost sense of detail in mind.

Each print features the outline of a country and then a series of small lines all around.When you look closely at each map print, you will see that many of the most important metropolitan areas of these countries are highlighted. Think of one of these prints as though it were a beautiful image of how active one of these countries truly is and how many parts of a country are linked together.The black and white appearance of each of our country map prints makes this easy to display in a number of settings. It blends in well with a white wall or can create a nice contrasting appearance on a darker wall. The basic black and white colors do mix in well with other decorations. Its plain white background also allows you to frame it with a wooden, plastic or metal border in practically any color you wish to use. It is also available in a variety of sizes to fit onto a wall or even a desk depending on how large or small it may be. -Modern Map Art

Although the country maps seem simple in their appearance, they are detained in their design. Each print is designed to bring about authentic feelings, memories, and experiences of a particular country. Our Mexico Map tells the many stories of the roads we traveled, regions explored, and life events we celebrated. Whether you want to get your hands on a city, county, or ski map posters, art skyline print, map pillow, accessory, or a custom map, Modern Map Art has it all and something special for everyone and their budget.

Modern Map Art









10 Reasons Why You Need a Modern Map Art in Your Home

  1. Makes a great gift
  2. Easy to display
  3. Attentive to detail
  4. Affordable
  5. Creates nostalgia in your home
  6. Customized to your style
  7. Come in a variety of colours
  8. Can be mixed and matched
  9. Unique decoration
  10. A wonderful form of memorabilia

As a traveler, I’ve been obsessed with looking at maps and always decorated my home with them. Our Mexico Map Poster is the newest addition to our home and the perfect conversation piece. It’s more than a decoration; our Mexico map tells the many tales of our experiences in that country. Although my full-time travels have come to an end, I can live vicariously through the memories our maps bring while relaxing right at home.

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