✨Laura Lotus Love Custom Mala 📿Rekindled Clarity, Creativity, and Connection ✨

Laura Lotus Love Mala

Laura Lotus Love Mala

Over the years, I learned how to truly face my fears to make my dreams come true so to speak and to do it over and over again. Whether the dream was small, big, tangible, or intangible, I taught myself to approach what I was afraid of in different ways and to repeat the process over and over. I had to get to know myself really well to face my fears, take risks, and put myself out there to blindly say “yes!” to life. I experienced new and unexpected places and I was able to accomplish what felt like the impossible.

However, I got lost along my way. Health concerns and sudden life struggles threw a wrench in my plan and caused me to start suppressing my heart’s deepest wishes & desires. It was like I was frozen. As a result, I stopped following my internal compass and felt incredibly lost. Life’s hiccups got in the way of me listening to my intuition and due to fear, I stopped saying yes to myself and the life I wanted to live. Everything I had learned how to do seemed to be forgotten. I let my life’s circumstances change my mindset and I was incredibly angry and disappointed with myself for letting it happen. The experience has been one of the most difficult struggles of my life and it hasn’t been easy. Life has never been perfect, but for the first time in a long time, I was letting fear hold me back.

I decided to take a break from social media and unplug to focus on my health. My hope was that if I gave 100% of my energy to self-care, my health would not only improve, but I would find my groove again. It was difficult to unplug at first, but it was exactly what I needed. I focused on wellness activities to support my recovery. What started out as a short break from social media ended up being a several month reprieve. In the end, I received far more than I could have expected beyond an improvement in health – clarity, creativity, and connection. Although I’m still on the road to recovery, the gifts I received are so precious and exactly what I needed to keep going.

How did I get here?

One of the last posts I shared before my break from the social world was about my favourite mala breaking ironically the week I decided to go offline. Traditionally, when a mala breaks, it is believed to be a sign and confirmation that you’re on the right path. I was no longer in need of that mala and mantra and was meant to find a new one for my next cycle. I had no idea what was in store, but it would be spectacular. Healthy or not, the universe had big plans for me.

Laura Gibson, of Laura Lotus Love reached out via e-mail to offer a mala reading to help me discern what I needed from my next mala, stones, and journey. Based on the reading, our lengthy conversations, meditating on the beads and design, Laura created a custom mala necklace specifically for me and what I needed! My earth-to-sky mala is designed with natural beads, stones, and crystals to dispel worry, fear, and the doubt holding me back from my goals. The beads are hand-selected to inspire support, stability, and clarity. The design and mantra was exactly what I was longing for but couldn’t put into words.

Laura’s offering of love couldn’t have come at a better time in my life and was exactly the boost I needed to continue forward on my journey. Laura got me spot on as if we had known each other for years. From the moment I put the mala on I felt instantly at peace. Calm. Confident. Assured. It was the missing piece — STRENGTH. I got the courage to fight what felt like at the time a hopeless battle. I no longer felt like I wanted to give up. I was ready! My personalized selections of grey jasper, howlite, clear quartz, natural cedar wood, a rose quartz guru stone, and a deep blue mercerized cotton tassel were all colours and stones absent from my mala collection.

I started to get excited about life again and taking steps forward to put my crumbling life back together. I started to feel the desire to help other women on their journey. My voice returned and I realized that I had something to share. I no longer wanted fear to hold me back. I realized it was time to do what I’ve done time and time again … face my fears and follow my internal compass. In doing so, I know that freedom, peace, joy, and happiness is on the other side. I’m recognizing that I have the power to help others do the same alongside me if I only embrace it.

Laura Lotus Love Mala

This mala is a symbol for finding my voice once again. Something that seemed so lost. After months of observing, listening, going inward and following my intuition, I learned that my voice was still inside me. I do have something to share and I can be brave to share it with the world. This beautiful tool provided clarity and helped to rekindle my creativity and connection with the world. It took me a while to realize something I once knew so well. When I finally did, I said YES to conquering the world and my goals once again. Starting with baby steps.

Regardless of my health condition, it’s time I stop putting limitations on my dreams. It’s time I stop telling myself they’re not possible. It’s time to say “YES!” and go for it. Now is the time for me to trust my intuition and internal knowing and believe it’s possible to have what I want out of life. Now IS the time to dream big and put my dreams to action. My mala helped me take the first steps to getting back on the right path, and that path has lead me to connect with likeminded women.

This is my year to do what’s scary {again}.
Why? Because fear is only temporary and regret lasts forever! Cliche, I know – but it’s true. Starting this New Year by facing my fears is the best way to start anew. I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone to learn new things about myself and the world. Publishing this post is the first step to doing exactly that. I recently read that F.E.A.R has only two meanings: Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise. It’s my choice. I love this! I’ll be doing both this year and I’d love for you to join me.

Finding clarity, creativity, and connection with this mala has provided me the greatest gift of all: a community of women I get to face my fears with. It is a pleasure to encourage and support one another.

“Everything we want is on the other side of fear”. ~Jack Canfield

“Being brave is not the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.” ~Bear Grylls

Thank you Laura for the guidance, inspiration, and helping me move through fear. Let the journey towards facing fear and making things happen in 2019 begin!

Namaste 💜💜💜

Laura Lotus Love Mala

Interested to learn more about Laura’s customized one-on-one mala readings and the original pieces that result?

Reach out to Laura and she may have a sweet treat in store {aka discount} if you mention that Jessica of Turquoise Compass referred you!

Instagram—> Lauralotuslove
FB ——> Laura Gibson
Email —-> lauralotuslove@gmail.com
Link ——> https://linktr.ee/lauralotuslove

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