Happy New Year from New Brunswick!

Happy New Year from New Brunswick, Canada! It’s a new year–it’s time to celebrate and start thinking about your 2015 bucket list dreams. New Brunswick

What will be on yours? How will you live, dream, and travel the 2015 year away? I know for sure that I’ll have Yoga Teacher Training on my 2015 bucket list, but I’m not sure what else. Help me decide! I’ll be sharing my 2015 bucket list soon!

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What Should I Add to my 2015 Bucket List?

I’m in the process of planning my 2015 bucket list and I’m not quite sure what to put on it! My 2015 bucket list won’t be as extreme as my 2013 and 2014 lists, as I am no longer traveling the world. I’m not visiting exotic places every few weeks and I’m not checking things off on my bucket list every other day. I’m living life to the fullest, but from home. I still want to do something adventurous like skydiving, visit a turquoise destination (potentially abroad), try something new (hmmmm…), and do something BIG. But what? I’m not sure where to begin. Although I am not traveling full time anymore, I still have opportunities to travel, try new things, and experience the best of what life has to offer. Now to find things that are more local or within the country.

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Falling from a Plane to Flying a Plane

Within a week I fell from a plane and flew a plane! It is hard to believe that I have beenFalling from the Sky to both extremes within a week. I’m always looking for every opportunity to try something new! I usually don’t say no to new opportunities. Well, maybe trying certain slimy and crunchy foods is off limits: bugs. I don’t think I can bring myself to ever trying fried insects. I need to have some limits! People are incredibly brave who have tried them! The idea of it gives me chills.

Flying by the CN Tower

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