15 Unique Things about Croatia

 IMG_6513 (Medium)Based on the 2014 edition of Like Croatia, Issue No. 3, I learned 25 amazing things that make me want to go back to Croatia. Of the many things I learned, I’d like to share 15 things with you. These fun facts give you a sense of what Croatia is all about. I hope they make you curious enough about Croatia to go and see if yourself. Continue reading

Zadar’s Seaside Port and Sea Organ

CroatiaDeparting Dubrovnik was bitter sweet; I wasn’t ready to leave, yet I was excited to see more of Croatia. As I drove from Dubrovnik to Zadar I could see countless beaches, old forts, beautiful blue bays, and stunning small buildings lining the Adriatic Croatian coast. The further into Croatia I drove, the fewer people and residences could be seen. This is more like it! I could have been left on any of the beautiful beaches I passed along the way–I would have been the only one there (just the way I like it). On the way to Zadar, Croatia, I crossed the Bosnian border and drove a handful of kilometers in Bosnia before crossing back into Croatia. Continue reading

Exploring Dubrovnik’s Walled City

CroatiaAfter waking up in the Lapad region of Dubrovnik, overlooking the tranquil turquoise Lapad Beach, I instantly realized I was in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. I quickly gathered my things for the day and took public transport into the center of Dubrovnik. Before it got too hot, I headed up in the Zicara cable car to get the best panorama views of Dubrovnik as the city slowly started to come to life. At the top, I got incredible views of Dubrovnik, Old Town, and Lokrum Island. The views stretched from Cavtat to the Elafiti Islands. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best views of the Adriatic coastline. Continue reading

Arriving in Croatia’s Famous Kings Landing

CroatiaAfter visiting turquoise Budva, Montenegro I had no idea what to expect for Croatia. Would it be better? Would it be just as turquoise? What would the walled city look like? Many people have told me how breathtaking Croatia is and how I would love it, but I couldn’t fully comprehend why I would. Without a visual, I had no idea if it would be a place for me. Friends of mine went to Croatia for their honeymoon and at the time, I couldn’t quite understand why. I wondered why they hadn’t chosen Greece or Italy or somewhere alike. Driving along the rugged cliffs along Croatia’s turquoise coast I started to get visuals of what everyone had told me about previously. Even before arriving in Dubrovnik I knew I would give a part of my heart to Croatia. Continue reading