Turquoise Life in Nice, France

I’ve never been more excited to wake up in a turquoise destination. I quickly got ready and set off for the day. I slowly walked along the Promenade des Anglais by the Mediterranean Sea on the Bay of Angles trying to comprehend the fact that I made it to Nice, France, one of the world’s most famous turquoise European cities. I floated along to the monument aux morts, one of Europe’s most impressive and imposing World War I/World War II monuments. The impressive white stone memorial faced the sea in the same way that I would for my entire time in Nice.

Nice, France

monument aux morts

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Crossing Three Borders in One Day


Brienzersee Lake, Switzerland

Saying farewell to Switzerland was hard, but I knew my day would be exciting crossing three borders to get to Nice, France: Switzerland, Italy, and France. The drive from Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland to the Italian border was incredible. We drove through numerous alpine towns: Sulward Isenfluh, Gstergwiler, Matten, and Interlaken and past the green-turquoise Brienzersee Lake. Endless tunnels took us through mountains and past waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and typical Swiss towns. My desire to return grew the more I saw of Switzerland. Once we crossed the Italian border, surprisingly, the scenery quickly started to change. Continue reading

The Scenic Drives in Europe are Spectacular


The drive through France to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland was some of the best scenic views I have ever seen. The old French buildings, castles, churches, and train stations set in fields and on farm land at the base of rolling hills had so much character. I especially loved driving past countless sunflower fields (my favorite flower). Watching a lone deer running through a barren French wheat field was unexpected as I drove past. I even saw a gorgeous, yet simplistic home with a dining/tea room made of all glass walls. The floral antique and wooden décor of the interior was welcoming. Once I crossed the Swiss border, the roadside sights continued to get better and better. Switzerland was better than I could have ever imagined (honestly, I hadn’t imagined much–I hadn’t really thought about it). Continue reading

Keeping the Eiffel Tower in Sight


I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to visit one of the world’s most famous cities–yet, my travels led me to Europe and landed me in Paris. The iconic grand Eiffel Tower stood in the distance as I walked all corners of the city. From the corner of my eye, I could always see the Eiffel Tower as if reminding me that I made it. Knowing that I wouldn’t have forever in Paris I kept the Eiffel Tower in sight to engrain the memory in my mind forever. Seeing the tower from all corners of the city reminded me at each moment of just how blessed I am. With only a couple days in Paris I needed to see all that I could see in the shortest amount of time. I zoomed around the city seeing all the main sights by foot, alongside other visitors and Parisians. The famous city was bustling, busy, and alive with tourists scattered about amongst locals. Paris was an extremely easy city to get around by foot. All of the main tourist attractions are fairly close together (especially if you enjoy walking). With a good pair of walking shoes on and a croissant in hand, I was good to go, seeing Paris by day and lit at night. Continue reading

Perfectly Parisian in Paris


As soon as we arrived in Paris we left no time to waste and started touring Paris at dusk. The architecturally beautiful city started to light up in front of my very own eyes. I think this is one of the oldest cities I have ever seen before, if not the oldest. Driving around Paris and seeing places I have only seen in movies was a dream come true. The more I saw the more my eyes widened. Continue reading

From London to Paris in One Day


After leaving the white chalk-like cliffs of Dover, England, I embarked on a ferry which would take me to France. 90 minutes later, I arrived in Calais, France and after an afternoon of driving I arrived in Paris at dusk. It’s hard to believe just how close everything is in Europe and how just a day before Paris I was in London on my own. One day into my month tour of Europe with TopdecK I knew my trip would be a fast paced whirl wind adventure. Right from the beginning, we left London on a mission and arrived in Paris the same day. Although I didn’t have the amount of time I wanted in each destination, I knew that Topdeck could easily take me to places which would otherwise be difficult for a single female traveler like me (i.e Albania for example). I will consider this trip of Europe a tease and accept the fact that I will want to see more, stay longer, and come back. It is what to be expected from a 30 day tour of Europe while visiting over 15 countries and staying no more than 3 days in each country. Continue reading