Best Things to do in Ohau, Hawaii

Ohau, Hawaii

Check out the article I wrote for Kaleidoskope Magazine: Best Things to do in Ohau, Hawaii about my previous trip to Ohau, Hawaii–my first dream turquoise bucket list destination during my around-the-world-travels. This post brought up so many fond memories of my solo backpacking adventure to 22 incredible countries. Hawaii is just one of them, but it’s amongst my top favourites. I bet you’ll soon see why! Continue reading

5 Incredible Musts when in Oahu, Hawaii

HawaiiOahu, Hawaii  

I knew I would find an abundance of turquoise in Hawaii. I’ve always imagined Hawaii to be a place where houses would be painted turquoise. I was right. From the beautiful turquoise coloured beaches, to the island’s décor, turquoise can be spotted. It would appear that Hawaii’s colour of choice is turquoise. I couldn’t capture all that is turquoise on Oahu. There is turquoise around every corner, which left a permanent smile on my face. Continue reading

Lanikai Studios: Sleeping in Paradise

Lanikai Studios

During my time in Hawaii, I fell in love with Lanikai Beach on the Eastern shore of Oahu. Although every beach on Oahu has something unique to offer I couldn’t help but love Lanikai a little bit more than the others. Its calm turquoise clear water was the perfect place to swim, snorkel, or to just wade in the warm shallow water. Walking along the powder white sandy beach for sunrise with the Nā Mokulua islands in the background was beyond anything I have seen before. Hiking Pillbox for sunset to see the sun magically disappear behind the mountains was tranquil and enlightening. It is no wonder why I love Lanikai. What made my Lanikai experience even better was staying 30 yards from the most beautiful beach on the island at Lanikai Studios (Kailua Beach Rentals). Continue reading

Turquoise Thursday: Ohau’s 12 Best Turquoise Beaches

All over the island of Ohau in Hawaii you will be sure to find amazing turquoise beaches. If you are a beach lover then you will love the island of Ohau! Coast to coast, I was left amazed and often speechless. Part of my experience on the island was searching for the best turquoise beaches. What I found was more than I expected.

Waikiki, South Shore


Continue reading

Maita’i in Hawaii

Maita'i Catamaran

Hawaii is known for its Maita’i’s, yet my experience with Maita’i was not from a drink, but from an experience with Maita’i Catamaran. I was excited to go sailing and snorkeling in Hawaii with Maita’i Catamaran on their Underwater Adventure Sail. Hawaii is known for its snorkeling and ocean adventures and I didn’t want to miss my chance to fully experience Hawaii by being on and in the water. Maita’i Catamaran’s state of the art twin hulled sea vessel got my hair blowing in the wind and had me relaxing under the late morning sun.  Maita’i means excellence in Tahitian and Maita’i Catamaran exemplifies just that. Continue reading

Swimming with the Sharks

North Shore Shark Adventures

As some of you may know, I have a huge love for the ocean and a fascination for its creatures. Nothing says marine life experience better than swimming with Galapagos Sharks in Haleiwa, Hawaii with North Shore Shark Adventures. My ultimate dream would be to go in a shark tank in Africa with the Great White Sharks. My shark experience in Hawaii is preparing me for that thrill. North Shore Shark Adventures shark encounter begins at Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor to sail 3 miles from Haleiwa Bay to the deep blue waters off the North coast of Oahu. The anticipation of leaving the boat to enter the cool water to meet the Galapagos Sharks face to face was both thrilling and nerve wrecking. Continue reading