Mom with Scheduled C-Section Delivers Naturally | Birth Story

Birth Doula Halifax
It was June 6th and we actually had an ultrasound scheduled that morning at 8am for a growth measurement. I was followed by a high risk OB so these were pretty routine. I only gained 10 pounds during my pregnancy so there was concern that Henry might be underweight. My alarm went off at 6:30am to get ready for our ultrasound appointment, when I woke up I grabbed my phone and started scrolling Instagram haha. I noticed my lower back was sore but I figured it was just from laying in bed. I got out of bed and started to walk to the kitchen and when I stood up I felt something wet. YUP my water broke when I stood up! I yelled for Josh to come quick, he sprung out of bed and asked what happened, I told him my water broke and that I had to call my parents. My parents live about a 4 and a half hour drive from us, so my first thought was… I should probably tell them. I called my dad because my mom didn’t answer, I remember telling him that my water broke and I “might” be having the baby today. He quickly went to grab my mom from work and they started their drive to see us. Josh called the number the hospital gave us in case anything was to happen. I was scheduled to have a C-section so they wanted me to go in right away if I went into labour beforehand. Josh called and spoke to the nurse who informed us to come in once we were ready. I got a shower, curled my hair, Josh had breakfast and we packed our bags which I think took about an hour, I still hadn’t had any contractions but I was starting to get anxious to leave.

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Your Next Getaway is Closer Than You Think!

Guest Post by: Local Home Swap

Local Home Swap

Being involved with home swapping has allowed me to travel the world while only paying for my transportation. But now, with work and other demands, travelling abroad is becoming less frequent. Yet with still having the need to regularly get away, I came upon the perfect solution – house swapping locally where the swap is only a road trip away. Here homeowners trade their city homes for country retreats and vice versa offering everyone a much needed change of pace without the stress of a long distance trip. Continue reading

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I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a couple of years now. I finally had the guts to do so only one month ago! It takes a lot of courage to put everything out on the table for the world to see, not knowing what the reaction will be! Starting my blog Turquoise Compass has been one of the most rewarding and positive experiences I have ever had. The uplifting feedback and encouragement has been instrumental. Turquoise Compass is definitely a bucket list dream come true.

Some of my friends had started blogs years ago and I always admired them for being brave enough to write publicly about their successes and failures. I’ve been following their lifestyle blogs throughout the years and it was these incredible women who cheered me on and set the foundation for me starting my own journey of blogging. I couldn’t have done it without these lovely ladies! These amazing women have inspired me throughout the years to take a leap of faith to start my own blog. I’ve followed in their footsteps and have done just that! There is no looking back now! I am excited to see what will come of Turquoise Compass.

Take a moment to check out the blogs I’ve been following:

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