Finding Home While Away

Al's Deli
After traveling for nearly 5 months straight, I started longing for my simple home comforts while on the road. Bouncing from place to place, sleeping in uncomfortable (and sometimes dirty) beds, socializing with strangers, living out of a suit case, while trying to make a hostel my home at times made me want the simple things in life. I never get tired of flying,  traveling, meeting new people, seeing new places, and doing new things; yet, it is the small things that can get old really quick. I’m reminded of a YouTube video called Jessica’s Daily Affirmation, of a curly blonde hair child singing to herself in the mirror, “…I like my dad, I like my hair, I love my haircuts, I like my pajamas, I like my stuff, I like my whole house…”. How ironic that her name is also Jessica. I can sense the passion in her voice, as I feel the same way about my home (I love my house!).  The little girl does a better job than me at describing how much she likes where she is living. There gets a point while on the move when I just miss my bed, bathroom, kitchen, and a sense of normality. However, you know as well as I do that as soon as I am home for a couple weeks enjoying those “missed luxuries” that I will be already dreaming and longing for another journey. Continue reading

Auckland’s Turquoise Waterfront and Wynyard Quarter

Upon arriving in Auckland, New Zealand the first place I headed while in the city was straight for its turquoise waterfront and Wynyard Quarter. I’ve always enjoyed spending time by the water (which you already know by now), but I especially enjoy wandering a city’s harbour front-it says a lot about a city. Auckland’s splendid harbour reminded me of my home province’s Halifax harbour. Although Auckland is a larger city than Halifax, Nova Scotia it still had many qualities which made it feel small, friendly, and comfortable.

Wynyard Quarter Continue reading

YHA Auckland International

Auckland International

Auckland International Staying at the YHA Auckland International made staying in Auckland easy as it is conveniently located on Queen Street, just a couple blocks from the Auckland Sky tower- the iconic site in the city. Auckland was my first and last stop on the north island in New Zealand. The hostel being located at the top of Queen Street is perfectly located right where the city comes alive. From the moment I left the hostel to explore Auckland I was able to instantly walk into the heart of the city. The YHA Auckland International front desk staff were fully equipped to suggest points of interest for me during my stay in the city. The knowledgeable staff made sightseeing in Auckland effortless. Continue reading