Traveling from Mexico to Belize: It’s all in the Journey

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Landing in Mexico as a Solo Female Backpacker
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My adventure traveling through Mexico in 2008 somehow landed me in Belize. I’d always wanted to visit Belize and thought that the best time to do so would be when I was already in Mexico. I’d made it that far already. I was so close–so close I had to go. I traveled from Chetumal, Mexico which is located near the border of Belize, all the way down to Caye Caulker via Corozal, Saryenja, and San Pedro/Ambergris Caye. It was quite the journey getting to Belize (and returning back to Mexico). A journey I will remember for the rest of my life.Belize Continue reading

Landing in Mexico as a Solo Female Backpacker

Mexico, 2008

MexicoLanding in Mexico for the first time as a solo female backpacker went surprising smooth, with the odd transition here and there. It was much easier than I thought it would be arriving at the airport and finding my way to the hostel (by myself—without speaking much Spanish). Prior to departing Canada, I spent so much time telling everyone how fine it would be with me traveling alone, yet it wasn’t until the airplane was making its descent for Mexico that I realized how scared crapless I was. My heart was racing, my hands were clammy, and I started thinking of the worst things that could or would happen to me. It was in that moment when I realized: this is real. Continue reading

5 Incredible Musts when in Oahu, Hawaii

HawaiiOahu, Hawaii  

I knew I would find an abundance of turquoise in Hawaii. I’ve always imagined Hawaii to be a place where houses would be painted turquoise. I was right. From the beautiful turquoise coloured beaches, to the island’s décor, turquoise can be spotted. It would appear that Hawaii’s colour of choice is turquoise. I couldn’t capture all that is turquoise on Oahu. There is turquoise around every corner, which left a permanent smile on my face. Continue reading