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Alpacas, Moose, and Bears, Oh My!

Cedar Meadows

Check out the article I wrote for Northeastern Ontario Tourism: Alpacas, Moose, and Bears, Oh My! Is it bad that I have more furry friends than human friends?

Three wildlife experiences not to be missed: Continue reading

Cedar Meadows Chalet Staycation

Cedar Meadows Resort and SpaGrowing up I always went camping with my family. My mom told me that my first camping experience was when I was only a few weeks old. Even through my teen years and early adulthood I enjoyed camping with friends and family and did so as often as I could. When I refer to camping I am talking about tenting in a wooded lot, while cooking on the fire. There is nothing like the fresh outdoors and smores on the camp fire. The last time I was camping was when I went white water rafting with my boyfriend in Maine 11 months ago. There are very few things that will stop me from tenting–not even the intense heat, rain, wind, cold, or bugs will slow me down. Continue reading

I Spy a Moose in my Selfie

Photo of the Week

I am elated to know that XShot chose this picture from my Northern Ontario wildlife tour at Cedar Medows Resort & Spa in Timmins for their January 2014 Picture of the Month. They titled my picture “I spy a moose in my selfie” and I love it! I am so excited to have one of my pictures showcased by XShot. I’ve been having so much fun playing around with my XShot pocket camera extender! I guess they noticed my excitement (and the XShot in the picture). Continue reading

Wildlife Tour at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa offers more than just lodging, dining, and relaxing. With 175 acres of natural property, Cedar Meadows offers a daily wilderness tour rain or shine on a tractor drawn wagon to see deer, elk, bison, moose, and beyond. A perfect winter activity in Northern Ontario is escaping the urban center for a magical wildlife tour where you get up close and personal with friendly and curious wildlife. Continue reading

Stay and Dine at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa


Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

There is more than snow in Northern Ontario during the winter season! Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa in Timmins is known for its impressive lodging and exquisite food. The 175 acre resort & spa boasts some of the best scenery in Timmins (I would have to agree), yet is located minutes from downtown Timmins. The resort & spa is made up of one main building (resort rooms, restaurant, spa, conference rooms, wedding facility, etc…) with an extension of 5 stunning chalets, and a nature park. Timmins’ first ever wellness spa  Le Spa Grande Nature and rustic high class restaurant The Voyageur Dining Room makes Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa stand out and shine in Ontario’s Northern city. Continue reading