Photo of the Week- Lazy 5 Ranch

When I was in North Carolina in July I had the opportunity to visit Lazy 5 Ranch, an interactive zoo safari. This privately owned zoo located in Mooresville has over 750 animals from 6 different continents. The 3-1/2 mile safari ‘ride’ was one of the best interactive zoo experiences I have ever had! I was able to get up close and personal with many of the animals including Giraffe, Texas Longhorn Cattle, Aoudad, Ostrich, Emu, Blue & Gold Macaw, and many more. Not only was I able to take amazing photos of the animals, I was able to feed and pet the animals on numerous occasions throughout the informative wagon ride in the park. North Carolina offers many tourist attractions, but Lazy 5 Ranch is my favorite one. I can’t wait to return!

Lazy 5 Ranch

Two Weeks Into my 14 Month Vacation

I’m two weeks into my 14 month vacation and I have already visited:Ottawa on Canada Day

1. Prince Edward Island

2. Halifax, Nova Scotia

3. Charlotte, North Carolina

4. Ottawa, Canada

5. Fredericton, New Brunswick

6. Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick

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