When one Door Closes, Another Door Opens: Toronto



My farewell gifts

As my time in the north comes to an end, I am starting a new chapter with my husband Corey with my MOVE TO TORONTO TOMORROW! Toronto will be our new home base for the time being. A new story begins; when one door closes another door opens. Adventure lies ahead (and lots of travel opportunities with Porter Airlines & Porter Escapes). Although I am saddened to leave my new job and amazing friends behind (is it an option to take them with me?), I am READY, OPEN, and EXCITED for what’s to come.

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The Mayan Riviera was the Inspiration for Turquoise Compass

After much encouragement from friends and family, I decided to start a blog in 2013 to document my 14 months of full time travel around the world. In the beginning phases of setting up my blog, I was stumped for a couple weeks thinking about an appropriate name for my blog. I had no idea what to call it. I wanted something that represented my life, my dreams, and my travel journey. I had thought of a few names (Turquoise Trunk was one of them), but they didn’t seem to quite fit. I couldn’t help but keep coming back to the word turquoise. I knew I somehow had to incorporate it into my blog name. Unfortunately, Turquoise Life was already taken, but even Turquoise Life didn’t seem to be perfect for me. I needed something that had to do with the beach, coastal life, traveling, teaching, living life to the fullest, and self discovery. I thought long and hard about what other words and/or phrases would fit well with turquoise, while also encapsulating everything about me. It was a hard task I had at hand. Mexico Continue reading

Over the Hump: How Turquoise Compass Came to Be

In 2012 I added ‘start a blog’ to my New Year’s resolutions. TurquoiseSand Dollar Compass did not come to fruition until 2013, not because I didn’t have the desire, initiative, or drive, but because I did not know what I was going to write about or what I wanted it to become. I love writing and much of my life revolves around writing. As an English teacher, I teach others to write. I am also actively involved in writing articles for my province’s teacher publications and district magazines. As some of you know, I just recently finished my Master’s in Education in June of this year and much of my program consisted of writing research papers and designing training modules. On average, for the last year, writing 7000 word papers every other week definitely kept me busy and delayed the starting of my blog. When I finished my Master’s I finally had the time (and guts) to accomplish my goal of starting a blog! Another bucket list checkmark for me!

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